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TouchAd provide professional solutions and comprehensive mobile including mobile advertising network on , SMS / MMS Marketing . With other forms of advertising on mobile, Ads Moore aims to meet the maximum target revenue growth for all mobile web , access to potential customers for businesses as well as adding value to mobile users . a mobile advertising network on the market first in Vietnam , providing professional advertising solutions . Mobile VietAd always aim to meet the maximum target revenue growth for all mobile web , access to potential customers for businesses as well as adding value to mobile users , in which the ultimate goal is to contribute to developing the field of providing value-added services on mobile in Vietnam .

Mobile ad network effective based on the strong link between advertising buyers , sellers advertising , advertising agents and developers .

Mobile AdNetwork model system

Solutions for ad buyers

Library ‘s website leading advertising channels with abundant categories help clients diversified approach for each campaign , delivered the message to the target audience easily .
Just create a simple campaign , Ad system will automatically server management and performance reports to your ad .
Diversity interactive : Click to call , click to download , click to locate , Click to buy …
The system accurately reports : According to hits , click ; According to the network , according to the manufacturer .
Profit maximizing opportunities for advertising sales offers many ad formats suitable for your website and show the way . provide technology transfer optimal advertising messages to the right place display ads , sell ads to help improve profits from website visitor traffic .
Solution Display Ads on Mobile Agent

Using the solution for the Agencies , you can come up with many more advertising options for potential customers with high efficiency , especially the ability to target the right audience who see your ad in a major way most accurate .
Business Growth for developers

Make money from your application by providing ads on iPhone , Android , WebOS …
- Easy integration with many settings .

- Real-time reports on profits .

- Optional displaying and advertising revenue growth along with the development application .

VietAd provide flexible advertising format along with the ability to filter before displaying advertisements on your application .
- Easy to set up

- Cost effective , saving maximum

- Monitor your download speed to help monitor the impact of advertising with application .

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business

The movement of social life on mobile is mobile but not necessarily completely replace other means of communication .
Therefore, businesses do not see mobile ads or mobile marketing as a method of advertising , marketing independently .

That’s the advice of Ms. Phan Dang Tra My ( The Executive Director Admicro – the owner of the mobile ad network to cover 95% of Mobile Internet readers Vietnam ) at the conference “The role of mobile code ” by Global Mobile Marketing Association ( MMA ) held on 23/10 in the city recently . Ho Chi Minh City .

During the seminar , with speeches appreciated ” Mobile Ads – From idea to reality ,” Ms. Phan Dang Tra gave useful advice for both enterprise and Publisher Ad Platform to build and implement advertising campaigns on mobile so most effectively . In particular , businesses are key factors for realizing this idea .

Do not blindly invest in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing market is indeed very exciting : the reader as well as social life constantly moving into mobile. However, businesses still need careful consideration , choose the form of how to market your mobile apps , mobile ads formats correct and appropriate .

The forms of mobile advertising that businesses use to suit the nature of the business sector , targeted campaigns , customers , budget situation , financial , human resources, … size enterprises Big Brand or SMB are also factors to consider . While most Big Brand interested in branding the SMB ( small and medium enterprises ) pay much attention to the size of output, short -term value and should find effective immediately .

Considering own Mobile Ads , with 4 advertising solutions fit the needs of business marketing : Banner , Download Apps , PR / Sponsored Post and increase output . The banner formats such as Pop – Up , Catfish , Medium Banner help businesses make an impression with clients about the brand . Download Apps to increase passenger traffic load applications . PR / Sponsored Post is one of the natural forms of advertising with the ability to convey clear messages about products and services that businesses want to bring to our customers. Meanwhile , advertising team to increase production with the charge form the ultimate effectiveness of advertising has helped businesses save budget , has stimulated customer interaction , create new orders for business units .

Mobile backbone

The movement of social life on mobile is mobile but not necessarily completely replace other means of communication . Therefore, businesses do not see mobile ads or mobile marketing as a method of advertising , marketing independently . Enterprises need to combine mobile campaign ads with digital forms of offline marketing or other marketing . In particular , mobile ads will be the backbone ( main factor ) to increase business efficiency hieu.Vi example , in the same campaign , mobile will be the focal point but cleverly combined with print (via QR code ) , events ( through interactive voting ) , Internet (through check-in , banking , … ) , the message will spread to business customers and a stronger overall .

Appreciate Landing Page Ad

Enterprises should not use the same Ad Landing Page Format for both web and mobile formats . Should be clearly defined campaign goals and pleasing the public with tools , mobile media fit as possible .

When designing a Mobile Landing Page , note the simple elements , stimulating ” action ” . Text color , font easy to read page . Image size should be set so that readers do not have to zoom just glance can be seen to be full . If you take the time to design mobile mobile site is designed as a valuable asset and long-term mean , surely Mobile Landing Page visitors will feel satisfied .

Previously, the brand always default Web PC first and then designed mobile site . But now , let’s now thinking back , right on the mobile design first and then go back to make the Lap and PC versions .

Ad Landing Page forms to suit the different goals of the campaign as a purchase ( click to call ) , downloading apps ( download app ) , registered players ( User Sign Up ) , mobile web or the ” action ” other .

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for businesses ( 1 )
Apps landing page
Not necessarily built app if necessary

Despite the advantages of the app is to provide adequate features to users and is regarded as a ” mobile virtual office ” but 85 % of enterprise app once and build … ” quit ” . So , in case you are a large business can profit even with the new application should be thinking about creating your own app . Conversely , for small and medium businesses , the app should only be viewed as a long-term strategy and priority , mobile site selection will be smarter .

App only works on the type of equipment which is exclusively designed for . You can choose the mobile app ads as campaign group targeting the public only on certain types of equipment , such as android users , fans of the iPhone or Blackberry user groups , … Meanwhile , the ” responsive design ” , mobile site design can be suitable for all mobile devices , screen sizes and different operating systems .

In case you decide to invest app built to suit different devices will create more expensive . On the other hand , to maintain , and regularly update the app fix , need a system personnel and technology needed acceptance from the app store , rather than freedom , more proactive mobile site .

Format and advertising design : simply beautiful

“Less is more” is the first principle when designing mobile advertising . It is understood that ” Simple is effective .” The ad should be minimalist designs to suit many types of small screen size .
Format and other forms of advertising should be consistent with the purpose of the campaign : branding purposes or performance based .
If the branding , designed to highlight and recognize the brand’s image . If it is performance based, designed to make the reader’s interaction with the ” invitation ” by making business .

The design and format should be distributed on the devices and systems suitable site .

Readers strong shift to mobile

The global population is increasing Internet access via smartphone . 2013 , to 17.4 % , the rate of global web traffic comes from mobile 1.5 times higher than the figure of 11.1 % in 2012 .

According to data from Admicro , in quarter 1/2013 , across the country, from mobile web traffic accounted for 30 % . By 2014 , this figure can balance web traffic from 50:50 to PC , Laptop . This is an opportunity , is ” fertile ground ” for businesses , publishers and vendors Ad Platform robust operation with mobile marketing.

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business ( 2 )

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business ( 3 )

However , the reality in our country , less than 1 % of firms involved in developing mobile marketing strategies and new publisher has only 0.05 % on the mobile web version . The main reason lies in the many businesses tend not to catch or even manpower shortage , general knowledge of mobile marketing .

Start the Mobile Marketing Forum Europe 2012

Forum MMA ( Mobile Marketing ) Vietnam 2012 with the theme ” Smarter Tommorrow ” will officially take place on 10/25/2012 at the InterContinental Hotel here , HCMC .

Organized by the Mobile App Marketing Association ( MMA ) and Goldsun Focus Media , the forum brings together experts and leaders of the industry to find out the future of mobile marketing .

The market of mobile devices Vietnam is the main market in Southeast Asia with more than 165 million subscribers , increasing penetration rate of up to 183 % . This is a dynamic market marketing people should have the exact amount before marketing strategy formulation mobile devices . Most of the marketing plan development mobile devices in Vietnam are identified on the rapid growth of Internet users in Vietnam , with over 60 % of users on the Internet through their mobile devices .

Similar to the Internet , and mobile environments full convergence conditions for a message through mobile advertising can spread at a faster rate because of the features , such as rate view through Mobile Advertising high interaction with consumers anytime , anywhere , get the time to report details of mobile marketing campaigns , receive and manage feedback from campaigns , businesses can collect attract new customers without spending any extra costs needed. So to the MMA Forum Vietnam 2012 , the marketing people , brands and companies will get useful knowledge about marketing on mobile phones .

MMA Forum is a global activity , the forum held four consecutive years in many countries around the world : New York , Singapore , India , Istanbul … and attract the attention of experts and leaders enterprises in many different industries to the same analysis , and commitment to build the brand through the mobile phone network . MMA Forum Vietnam 2012 is expected to attract over 300 delegates attended , including local providers of telecommunications services , the system of advertising, marketing companies , brands , technology companies and media …

APPSGONEVIRAL is an association of non-profit trade was first introduced mobile marketing value chain . With more than 700 member companies , the MMA is an action organization with a global vision contact the local characteristics . The main goal of the MMA is to create a mobile device into an indispensable part of the marketing concept combination ( 4P marketing mix ) . MMA works to promote , educate , measure , guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide . MMA headquarters located in the United States and affiliates in North America , Europe, Middle East and Africa , Latin America , Asia Pacific.