AppFuel: a new tool for management and monetization for mobile application developers

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This platform provides a recommendation system to win newarticles users and generate revenue. 

Available in beta since last December,  AppFuel  recently formalized its public release. It is a BtoB platform that allows mobile application developers to gain visibility and find a new source of revenue through a referral system. The principle: once registered on AppFuel , developers can add their own applications “recommended applications” option. This promotion offered to other developers allows them either to grow their users through a reciprocal recommendation, or garner revenue by offering pay recommendations.

AppFuel is a comprehensive DailyPaidRewards management tool: it provides developers with the statistics of their real-time applications, and a dashboard allowing them to manage all their applications at once.

For the launch of its activity, the start-up founded by Andrew Boos and based in Palo Alto, conducted a first round of financing worth several hundred thousand euros. Its goal is to start working with thirty applications.

Mobile ad apps network

TouchAd provide professional solutions and comprehensive mobile including mobile advertising network on , SMS / MMS Marketing . With other forms of advertising on mobile, Ads Moore aims to meet the maximum target revenue growth for all mobile web , access to potential customers for businesses as well as adding value to mobile users . a mobile advertising network on the market first in Vietnam , providing professional advertising solutions . Mobile VietAd always aim to meet the maximum target revenue growth for all mobile web , access to potential customers for businesses as well as adding value to mobile users , in which the ultimate goal is to contribute to developing the field of providing value-added services on mobile in Vietnam .

Mobile ad network effective based on the strong link between advertising buyers , sellers advertising , advertising agents and developers .

Mobile AdNetwork model system

Solutions for ad buyers

Library ‘s website leading advertising channels with abundant categories help clients diversified approach for each campaign , delivered the message to the target audience easily .
Just create a simple campaign , Ad system will automatically server management and performance reports to your ad .
Diversity interactive : Click to call , click to download , click to locate , Click to buy …
The system accurately reports : According to hits , click ; According to the network , according to the manufacturer .
Profit maximizing opportunities for advertising sales offers many ad formats suitable for your website and show the way . provide technology transfer optimal advertising messages to the right place display ads , sell ads to help improve profits from website visitor traffic .
Solution Display Ads on Mobile Agent

Using the solution for the Agencies , you can come up with many more advertising options for potential customers with high efficiency , especially the ability to target the right audience who see your ad in a major way most accurate .
Business Growth for developers

Make money from your application by providing ads on iPhone , Android , WebOS …
- Easy integration with many settings .

- Real-time reports on profits .

- Optional displaying and advertising revenue growth along with the development application .

VietAd provide flexible advertising format along with the ability to filter before displaying advertisements on your application .
- Easy to set up

- Cost effective , saving maximum

- Monitor your download speed to help monitor the impact of advertising with application .

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business

The movement of social life on mobile is mobile but not necessarily completely replace other means of communication .
Therefore, businesses do not see mobile ads or mobile marketing as a method of advertising , marketing independently .

That’s the advice of Ms. Phan Dang Tra My ( The Executive Director Admicro – the owner of the mobile ad network to cover 95% of Mobile Internet readers Vietnam ) at the conference “The role of mobile code ” by Global Mobile Marketing Association ( MMA ) held on 23/10 in the city recently . Ho Chi Minh City .

During the seminar , with speeches appreciated ” Mobile Ads – From idea to reality ,” Ms. Phan Dang Tra gave useful advice for both enterprise and Publisher Ad Platform to build and implement advertising campaigns on mobile so most effectively . In particular , businesses are key factors for realizing this idea .

Do not blindly invest in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing market is indeed very exciting : the reader as well as social life constantly moving into mobile. However, businesses still need careful consideration , choose the form of how to market your mobile apps , mobile ads formats correct and appropriate .

The forms of mobile advertising that businesses use to suit the nature of the business sector , targeted campaigns , customers , budget situation , financial , human resources, … size enterprises Big Brand or SMB are also factors to consider . While most Big Brand interested in branding the SMB ( small and medium enterprises ) pay much attention to the size of output, short -term value and should find effective immediately .

Considering own Mobile Ads , with 4 advertising solutions fit the needs of business marketing : Banner , Download Apps , PR / Sponsored Post and increase output . The banner formats such as Pop – Up , Catfish , Medium Banner help businesses make an impression with clients about the brand . Download Apps to increase passenger traffic load applications . PR / Sponsored Post is one of the natural forms of advertising with the ability to convey clear messages about products and services that businesses want to bring to our customers. Meanwhile , advertising team to increase production with the charge form the ultimate effectiveness of advertising has helped businesses save budget , has stimulated customer interaction , create new orders for business units .

Mobile backbone

The movement of social life on mobile is mobile but not necessarily completely replace other means of communication . Therefore, businesses do not see mobile ads or mobile marketing as a method of advertising , marketing independently . Enterprises need to combine mobile campaign ads with digital forms of offline marketing or other marketing . In particular , mobile ads will be the backbone ( main factor ) to increase business efficiency hieu.Vi example , in the same campaign , mobile will be the focal point but cleverly combined with print (via QR code ) , events ( through interactive voting ) , Internet (through check-in , banking , … ) , the message will spread to business customers and a stronger overall .

Appreciate Landing Page Ad

Enterprises should not use the same Ad Landing Page Format for both web and mobile formats . Should be clearly defined campaign goals and pleasing the public with tools , mobile media fit as possible .

When designing a Mobile Landing Page , note the simple elements , stimulating ” action ” . Text color , font easy to read page . Image size should be set so that readers do not have to zoom just glance can be seen to be full . If you take the time to design mobile mobile site is designed as a valuable asset and long-term mean , surely Mobile Landing Page visitors will feel satisfied .

Previously, the brand always default Web PC first and then designed mobile site . But now , let’s now thinking back , right on the mobile design first and then go back to make the Lap and PC versions .

Ad Landing Page forms to suit the different goals of the campaign as a purchase ( click to call ) , downloading apps ( download app ) , registered players ( User Sign Up ) , mobile web or the ” action ” other .

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for businesses ( 1 )
Apps landing page
Not necessarily built app if necessary

Despite the advantages of the app is to provide adequate features to users and is regarded as a ” mobile virtual office ” but 85 % of enterprise app once and build … ” quit ” . So , in case you are a large business can profit even with the new application should be thinking about creating your own app . Conversely , for small and medium businesses , the app should only be viewed as a long-term strategy and priority , mobile site selection will be smarter .

App only works on the type of equipment which is exclusively designed for . You can choose the mobile app ads as campaign group targeting the public only on certain types of equipment , such as android users , fans of the iPhone or Blackberry user groups , … Meanwhile , the ” responsive design ” , mobile site design can be suitable for all mobile devices , screen sizes and different operating systems .

In case you decide to invest app built to suit different devices will create more expensive . On the other hand , to maintain , and regularly update the app fix , need a system personnel and technology needed acceptance from the app store , rather than freedom , more proactive mobile site .

Format and advertising design : simply beautiful

“Less is more” is the first principle when designing mobile advertising . It is understood that ” Simple is effective .” The ad should be minimalist designs to suit many types of small screen size .
Format and other forms of advertising should be consistent with the purpose of the campaign : branding purposes or performance based .
If the branding , designed to highlight and recognize the brand’s image . If it is performance based, designed to make the reader’s interaction with the ” invitation ” by making business .

The design and format should be distributed on the devices and systems suitable site .

Readers strong shift to mobile

The global population is increasing Internet access via smartphone . 2013 , to 17.4 % , the rate of global web traffic comes from mobile 1.5 times higher than the figure of 11.1 % in 2012 .

According to data from Admicro , in quarter 1/2013 , across the country, from mobile web traffic accounted for 30 % . By 2014 , this figure can balance web traffic from 50:50 to PC , Laptop . This is an opportunity , is ” fertile ground ” for businesses , publishers and vendors Ad Platform robust operation with mobile marketing.

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business ( 2 )

Building Mobile Campaign Ads: 5 useful tips for business ( 3 )

However , the reality in our country , less than 1 % of firms involved in developing mobile marketing strategies and new publisher has only 0.05 % on the mobile web version . The main reason lies in the many businesses tend not to catch or even manpower shortage , general knowledge of mobile marketing .

Start the Mobile Marketing Forum Europe 2012

Forum MMA ( Mobile Marketing ) Vietnam 2012 with the theme ” Smarter Tommorrow ” will officially take place on 10/25/2012 at the InterContinental Hotel here , HCMC .

Organized by the Mobile App Marketing Association ( MMA ) and Goldsun Focus Media , the forum brings together experts and leaders of the industry to find out the future of mobile marketing .

The market of mobile devices Vietnam is the main market in Southeast Asia with more than 165 million subscribers , increasing penetration rate of up to 183 % . This is a dynamic market marketing people should have the exact amount before marketing strategy formulation mobile devices . Most of the marketing plan development mobile devices in Vietnam are identified on the rapid growth of Internet users in Vietnam , with over 60 % of users on the Internet through their mobile devices .

Similar to the Internet , and mobile environments full convergence conditions for a message through mobile advertising can spread at a faster rate because of the features , such as rate view through Mobile Advertising high interaction with consumers anytime , anywhere , get the time to report details of mobile marketing campaigns , receive and manage feedback from campaigns , businesses can collect attract new customers without spending any extra costs needed. So to the MMA Forum Vietnam 2012 , the marketing people , brands and companies will get useful knowledge about marketing on mobile phones .

MMA Forum is a global activity , the forum held four consecutive years in many countries around the world : New York , Singapore , India , Istanbul … and attract the attention of experts and leaders enterprises in many different industries to the same analysis , and commitment to build the brand through the mobile phone network . MMA Forum Vietnam 2012 is expected to attract over 300 delegates attended , including local providers of telecommunications services , the system of advertising, marketing companies , brands , technology companies and media …

APPSGONEVIRAL is an association of non-profit trade was first introduced mobile marketing value chain . With more than 700 member companies , the MMA is an action organization with a global vision contact the local characteristics . The main goal of the MMA is to create a mobile device into an indispensable part of the marketing concept combination ( 4P marketing mix ) . MMA works to promote , educate , measure , guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide . MMA headquarters located in the United States and affiliates in North America , Europe, Middle East and Africa , Latin America , Asia Pacific.