11 movies you have to see if you are a basketball fan


Basketball combines qualities as your spirit of team, the desire of his players, the fight for fair play and the desire for fun are reason that the film is set on numerous occasions in this sport as a source of inspiration. The guidelines of a trainer can be used as metaphors of life teachings and the ascent or descent of each basketball player career can be a perfect parallel to the life of many people.

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We carry out a review of these films who chose basketball as a main theme or as a framework from which discuss their concerns, with 11 titles, without particular – order that will serve us to join the Spanish team during the World Cup and to follow them along with the Tour San Miguel, and we also recommend you to see these movies at putlocker for the best enjoying experience.

josh lucas

Racial integration for basketball in road to glory

With Josh Lucas in the role of a coach, road to glory (Glory Road, 2006) represents, through the signings for a basketball team, the racial difficulties living in 1966 in the United States. The film, directed by James Gartner, also features Jon Voightand Emily Deschanel.

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny are the faces in Space Jam

See Michael Jordan in any circumstance is spectacular, but see it playing and chatting with a cartoon is extraordinary, and even more so for the time that was done Space Jam (1996), the film in which the Loonie Toons of the Warner characters mingled with the stars of the NBA then and some other actor , of considerable prestige, as Bill Murray.

Space Jam

It could see major players of the moment in several titles. The musical BasketMusic (The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, 1979) brought together Jonathan Winters, Meadowlark Lemon, Jack Kehoe, Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And, of course, who forgets the cameo by Kareem in lands as possible.

Channing Tatum and Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter

It is very common for movies about basketball to focus on the figure of the trainer. So Coach Carter makes it (Coach Carter, 2005), where Samuel l. Jackson plays the mentor to a group of youngsters, among which is the cachitas of Channing Tatumfashion. Carter becomes coach of his former Institute with the intention of change both the quality of play of the kids and their negative attitude.

coach carter

Denzel Washington prepares a bad move by Spike Lee

Denzel Washington is the main actor in this drama no less than directed by Spike Lee. In a bad move (I’ve Got Game, 1998), the main character is a prisoner, imprisoned for murdering his wife, who will have to convince his son that go to the University and its potential as a basketball player to play there, in Exchange for a shorter sentence. Milla Jovovich and Rosario Dawson completed the cast.

he got game

Teenage players: Teen Wolf, of chest hair

Michael j. Fox could be the player of lesser stature who has known basketball, but is that of chest hair (Teen Wolf, 1985) he transformed into werewolf and could crush and enter basket as an exhalation. The film has been interpreted asmetaphor for changes of various kinds, although we cannot remain – and this track have it in the title Spanish-in the passage from childhood to adulthood. Of course, that teenage viewers of the time stayed with the competition and adventure, as it should be.


If we stay within the tone fun, designed especially for the younger, are also to Kevin Bacon in the skin of a coach who has to travel to Africa to recruit a great player in a tribe on the Court (The Air Up There, 1994).

Shaq attack manages to win in any way

Nick Nolte is the most important actor who reflects the poster win in any way (Blue Chips, 1994), but next to his spelling of a name that may be even more big and famous, that of Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball player from the NBA that during his years in active gave both play both outside and within the courts. The film returns to focus on the figure of a coach to tell the story of a University team that hires Major League players.


Other renowned actors have lent his face to appear in films on basketball, as Sean Connery in Finding Forrester (Finding Forrester, 2000), film which could enjoy an own section within the list, given its director and performers: Gus Van Sant, Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, etc… However, the subject of basketball is more secondary in this film than in others.The same thing happens to the starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a rebel newspaper (The Basketball Diaries, 1995), whose true central theme are the dangers of drugs.

Whites do not know it to get… or they did not know

In the early 1990s, it became very famous film of Ron Shelton whites do not know it put (White Men can’t ‘ t Jump, 1992), who knows if for the successful translation to the Spanish or if you have Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson andRosie Perez. The Street basketball players of different races, which had always competed under the rings and had clashed personally, come together to increase their chances. It is clear that the white inferiority which at that time was so manifest as it is not as evident today, with the participation of many European players in the NBA.


The best basketball movies, Hoosiers: more than idols

Gene Hackman was the coach of the basketball team in Hoosiers: more than idols (Hoosiers, 1986). Next to it wereBarbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper, completing the cast of this drama based on a true story, which tells the team from a small town in Indiana came to the State finals in 1954. The epic is the main ingredient of this film on redemptions individual and team victories.


Basketball version movie comedy, Will Ferrell’s semi-pro

Comedy semi-professional: balls team (Semi-pro, 2008), of course, also is represented in this list. This film is played byWill Ferrell and André Benjamin. Woody Harrelson, as reputed currently thanks to True Detective, reappears in this list practicing one of his real interests.

Within this genus, found some incursions of the Wayans Brothers in the specialty, as the sixth man (The Sixth Man, 1997), Play Off (Above the Rim, 1994) or Celtic Pride (1996), where he accompanies them Dan Aykroyd. Comedy also appears in the option rebound (Rebound, 2005), film in which Martin Lawrence made coach for a team of losers.

Semi pro

Believe In Me, the under-representation of women’s basketball

Women have made great careers under the rings, however the film seems to prefer the spectacularity of the male basketball.One of the few films that reflected the female faction is Believe In Me (2006), featuring Samantha Mathis as one of the players of a team of Institute of a small conservative town during the 1960s. Jeffrey Donovan plays a young man who wants to carve out a career as an instructor and is frustrated when they force you to train women, rather than the men’s team that had set his sights.

By them (hot flashes) (The Hot Flashes, 2013), also focuses on sport practiced by women, but in this case where the team protagonist is made up of middle-aged ladies and the opposite occurs in the powerful Mac (The Mighty Macs, 2009), film in which Carla Gugino plays the coach of a girls team in a nuns school.


Recent documentaries and Heroes gold

To recommend movies about basketball recent, would have to opt for the genre of documentary, which is what is being done mainly in these decades about the sport of rings. For example, Magic & Bird (2010), The Dream Team (2012),American Streetballers (2010), Kobe Doin’ Work (2009), Broke (Star broke) (2012), The Doctor (2013) Magic Johnson gives the face (2012), brothers and foes: Divac and Petrovic (2010), the decision of Michael Jordan (2010), Linsanity (2013), No Crossover (the trial of Allen Iverson) (2010), More Than a Game (2008), The Other Dream Team (2012) Chris Herren , a junkie in the basket (2011), Reggie Miller against the Knicks (2010) Michael Jordan to the Max (2000), the style of Paul Westhead (2010) or the Len Bias tragedy (2009).

Of these, I would highlight Heroes of gold (2011), a film about the Spanish selection that has step by step how Spain reissued a Eurobasket win. Packed with exclusive statements of the protagonists, this documentary directed by Kiko Martin, features the road travelled by the Spanish International since the beginning of the N-11 route to the celebration in Callao. We already know that the Spanish basketball team is governed by values that we can see with greater depth in the film.


Now you are ready or prepared to accompany the Spanish team with the Tour citizen 0,0and give one of the relay when the ball passes through your city. The list is not include all titles on basketball, but only some of them and, as I said, is not placed in order from best to worst nor vice versa, not there is management. If there are any that you think is missing, you have the space for comments at your disposal to add it.

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