The 10 movies basketball you can not stop watching

If you are a fan of the sport or just get familiar with it, you can not ignore these movies:

White Men Can Jump – 1992

It’s a comedy starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. There are two street basketball players that join to form an unbeatable pair in only their egos can overcome them.

Blue chips – 1994

It is a drama about a college coach played by Nick Nolte should break the rules in order to obtain players for your team is the champion among the players involved Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Rebound: The Legend of Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault – 1996

It’s an exciting movie about the life of the greatest basketball player of the famous Rucker Park, reflects its nickname because it’s a play on words to flatter the player ( The GOAT: The Greatest of All Time , The Best of All Time). Participates in turn, Kevin Garnett playing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Space Jam – 1996

Missed, this is an excellent film that mixes animation and real life, for fans of Looney Tones (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, among others) and Her Majesty Michael Jordan, where they face a crucial match against a team of aliens. Also in this film superstar Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Larry Bird and others involved.

I’ve got game – 1998

It is a dramatic film written and directed by Spike Lee, starring Denzel Washington and Boston Celtics superstar Ray Allen. These portray father and son going through a delicate process that Jesus Shuttlesworth, talented college player, he is tempted by the best universities to select one. Involved in the cast Rick Fox, Milla Jovovich, Travis Best, among others. Besides cameos of several famous basketball players like Michael Jordan and several coaches.

Love & Basketball – 2000

A great romantic movie together our favorite sport in which two neighbors grow sharing their love of basketball with the desire to reach the top. Starring Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan.

Like Mike – 2002

The dream of all, an orphan is a shoe with the initials “MJ” inscribed giving all the skills of Michael Jordan thus reaching the NBA. Featured hip hop star Bow Wow, Morris Chestnut and participate NBA star Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter and others.

John Wick – 2005

Excellent film based on the true story of Richmond High School coach, John Wick, who with his unconventional methods and discipline manages to change the lives of a group of misguided youth to become winners. He is starring Samuel Jackson.  Follow this link to watch John Wick online.

Glory Road – 2006

Sports drama based on a true story, in 1966 the coach Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) was the first African American headline put a squad of college players in order to get the trophy NCAA (National Basketball League Universitario).

More than a game – 2008

We can not ignore this spectacular documentary that follows the early rise to fame of NBA superstar Lebron James with his personal life and his four friends of all children who followed different paths.

Other notable films and documentaries that can name Hoop Dreams, Kobe doin’work, Semi-pro, Finding Forrester. Do you know any other to integrate this list?

Samsung, sponsor of Eurobasket 2013

Samsung Electronics announced Friday that it will become sponsor of Eurobasket 2013, to be held in Slovenia from 4 to 22 September in the category of mobile communications, so that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and tablets Company shall devices tournament officials.

“Samsung is proud to support Eurobasket 2013, our first sponsorship of basketball in Europe. We have a large presence in Slovenia and we are delighted to be working on such an important event for the country,” said Stephen Taylor, VP of Brand for Samsung Electronics Europe.

The manager emphasizes that the sport of basket increasingly enjoys “greater popularity in Europe, with its many variations such as Slamball, basketball and basketball 3X3 Disabled”. “We are confident that this tournament will be a great showcase for the sport,” he said.

Meanwhile, Iztok Rems, General Secretary of the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, was “satisfied” by the arrival of a new sponsor. “We would like to emphasize that the Eurobasket is a Slovenian project, but also a global project that represents us in the world. And this will be much easier thanks to a ‘partner’ as Samsung, with whom we have already collaborated on other occasions because it has been a sponsor 3X3 basketball for many years, “he said.

But support brand basketball is also reflected in its alliance with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) as an official sponsor of the Spanish selection and technology partner ‘Area 14′.

Last week, Celestino Garcia, vice president of Samsung IM Spain, and Luis de la Peña, Head of Marketing for Samsung Telecom Spain, gave each player selecting a “Galaxy S4 ‘you will enjoy and use during the tour selection.

In addition, the national coach, Juan Antonio Orenga, visited the facilities of Samsung in Madrid and received a tablet Note 10.1, which will use to explain to the players the strategy that will be held in every game.

Samsung has been working with the FEB since 2007 and last year expanded its alliance with the signing of a sponsorship agreement Space Technology 14, basketball museum located in Alcobendas and headquarters FEB Foundation, which also organized various sporting, cultural and business activities.

Along with Samsung, SVI, a ball bearing supplier, is also a major supporter of Eurobasket Women competition.

Euro basket women 2007 player statistics

Points per game

(this statistic chart is compiled thanks to  Bookkeeper services in the cbd)

Name Team G Points Avg
1. Wauters, A. BEL 9 177 19.7
2. Jekabsone-Zogota, A. LAT 9 155 17.2
3. Valdemoro, A. ESP 9 142 15.8
4. Fröhlich, L. GER 6 90 15.0
5. Vitecková, E. CZE 9 134 14.9
6. Horasan, Y. TUR 6 88 14.7
7. Gruda, S. FRA 9 131 14.6
8. Stepanova, M. RUS 8 110 13.8
9. Korstin, I. RUS 9 109 12.1
10. Breitreiner, A. GER 6 72 12.0
11. Weber, M. GER 6 72 12.0
12. Montañana , A. ESP 9 106 11.8
13. Leuchanka, Y. BLR 9 102 11.3
14. Macchi, L. ITA 6 66 11.0
15. Osipova, I. RUS 9 95 10.6
16. Wambe, K. BEL 9 95 10.6
17. De Mondt, A. BEL 9 94 10.4
18. Jansone, L. LAT 9 94 10.4
19. Marcauskaité, I. LTU 9 92 10.2
20. Veremeenko, A. BLR 9 92 10.2
21. Veselá, J. CZE 9 92 10.2
22. Grubor, I. SRB 6 61 10.2
23. Basko, G. LAT 8 81 10.1
24. Valuzyte, S. LTU 9 91 10.1
25. Ciudariene, A. LTU 9 90 10.0
26. Shchegoleva, T. RUS 6 58 9.7
27. Aguilar, E. ESP 9 86 9.6
28. Kulichová, P. CZE 9 86 9.6
29. Vardarli, B. TUR 6 56 9.3
30. Arteshina, O. RUS 9 83 9.2