Photo Booth of VI Awards Mujerhoy: Paula Echevarría, Susanna Griso, María Neira and the Spanish women’s basketball team are women of the year

VI Premios Mujerhoy: foto de familia

Selección de baloncesto, Premio Mujerhoy

Mujerhoy has delivered its awards to the most outstanding women of Spain. In this Sixth Edition winners have been the actress Paula Echevarría, the journalist Susanna Griso, Dr. María Neira and the Spanish basketball selection female. The actress and blogger of Mar Saura, dressed for the occasion of Tot-Hom, presented the event held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, they had a photobooths melbourne published on Pinterest that night.

In a night filled with emotions and acknowledgments, and coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the birth of the magazine, Mujerhoy has delivered his most prized Awards, which reward the most outstanding women of our country. users have chosen actress Paula Echevarría, journalist Susanna Griso, to Dr. María Neira, Director of public health and environment of who and to Select Spain’s women’s basketball.

Also during the night became the third male to the Jesuit father Jaime Garralda commitment award, Honorary President of the Foundation father Garralda – distant horizons.

Director general of editors workshop, Laura Mugica, noted that 2014 has been an excellent year for Mujerhoy. “We are leaders among the women’s magazines, and also on the Internet where do not follow more than 1.020.000 users.” Laura Múgica said that “the sixth annual awards Mujerhoy has recognized extraordinary women, effort and professionalism model”.

For his part, Charo Carrera, Director of Mujerhoy, stressed that “all the winners have in common their selfless dedication to a project or an idea and that struggle to fulfill their dreams is the stimulus to our magazine”. Charo race said thatMujerhoy has celebrated its 15 years of existence with a great renewal of content, with a significant increase in the number of pages, with new partners and the results have exceeded far beyond our expectations”.

The President of Vocento, Rodrigo Echenique, wanted to highlight, in his speech, the role of women as an engine for the economic recovery of our country. “The woman occupies the place that deserves in all areas and we are proud to contribute to this with the extra Mujerhoy that we created 15 years ago with the idea that would become the container of the female thought of our country. Have managed you to Mujerhoy is more than fashion and beauty“.
The awards to women today

The Chief delegate of Vocento Luis Enriquez and the Paralympic swimmer, Teresa Perales, Mujerhoy 2012 award, handed the award to journalist Susanna Griso. Antenna 3 mirror public program host dedicated the award “to all the women, to the great fighters, they deserve it more than me”.

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of public health and environment of who received the award for today’s woman from the hands of José Luis López Suñez, Chief delegate of Mercedes Benz in Spain and the singer Luz Casal, Mujerhoy 2009 Award. María Neira said to have devoted much of his life to convince people of the benefits of public health. “I like the women from all over the world and I believe that women can change the world for good.” I appreciate this award because it is a great help to publicize what we do from the who”.

The Spanish women’s basketball team, World Club Championship runner-up at the last World Cup, received his award the woman of today’s hands of Ana Jaureguizar, Director general of Lancome Spain and Amaya Valdemoro, former captain of the Spanish’s basketball section. They collected the award Elisa Aguilar and Isabel Santos, the Spanish basketball Federation, which insisted that the successes of the Spanish women’s basketball are due to the work carried out in recent years.

Actress Paula Echevarría, excited, finally received his award the woman of today’s hands thePresident’s workshop of editors, Fernando de Yarza and some of his colleagues in the series of Antena 3 ‘Velvet’: Manuela Velasco, Juana Acosta, Peter Vives and Diego Martin. The actress thanked excited the award to his family and friends.
Jaime Garralda, male commitment award

On the other hand, the Jesuit father Jaime Garralda awarded III male commitment from thePresident of the community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, the President of Anar, Silvia Morenés Foundation. Jaime Garralda took advantage of his speech to ask the media to give voice to marginalized people, who has dedicated his life through the founding father distant horizons Garralda. The Jesuit father said that “wanting to suffering, you live happy” and what hurts most is the scorn of society towards the marginalized”.

The event held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, and sponsored by Mercedes Benz and Lancome, was attended by personalities from the artistic and cultural field as well as entrepreneurs and executives in the sector. In addition all attendees enjoyed an exhibition of Prom dresses from the most prestigious designers of our country as Rosa Clará, Adolfo Domínguez, Juanjo Oliva, Cortana, Armand Basi, Alvarno… 15 dresses to commemorate 15 years of the magazine Mujerhoy.