La primera cancha de baloncesto del mundo LED interactiva

Nike has created this basketball court LED sensitive to the touch for a training session with Kobe Bryant and evento fire hotmart 2016.

The Court has built-in motion sensors that track the movements of each player individually.

You can also show training exercises to mimic and displays statistics on the yield.
cancha interactiva de basquetbol foto 2The Court, based in Shanghai, China is called the House of Mamba and was built specifically for the Nike Rise, a competition that seeks the best Chinese young players.

cancha interactiva de basquetbol foto 3



Sex scandal: Karasev, hunted with three strippers hours before a game

  • Following the scandal of bigamy, the trouble of skirts still lashing the NBA.Karasev, the Nets player, was caught with three strippers hours before playing in the Heat.

Escándalo sexual: Karasev, cazado con tres strippers horas antes de un partido
Sergey Karasev landed in the NBA last season in the ranks of the Cleveland Cavaliers, after dazzling the Scouts that populated the bleachers of Petersburgo in search of new talent.In the case of the eaves, they soon see it.

After a season of learning in Ohio, alternating with the Canton Charge of the d-League seasons, the young Russian talent had to pack and move to New York once the Cavaliers cared him along with Jarrett Jack to the Nets to release wage and undertake the signing of LeBron James.

In Brooklyn seems Karasev has found the stability needed to develop their full potential and has been consolidated in the Lionel Hollins rotation thanks to their high level on the Court.However, not every night keeps the same regularity.Above all, if there are external circumstances that influence their performance.

It is what happened in the visit of their Nets at Miami, where the player of Petersburgo did not have his best performance in a match that was surrounded by controversy.And it is that after the bigamy of Lou Williams, the NBA does not seem alien to the trouble of skirts.

According to unveiled the New York Post, Karasev had a rather busy night just before facing the Heat.The player, who was much of the time at a local striptease, appeared at the hotel where the Nets with three strippers of escorts south west london about five in the morning were concentrated. Just hours before jumping onto the field.

The sources of the information are running three young ladies who spoke among them from the generous which had been Karasev with gratuities.Only 10 hours after the Russian player jumped to the American Airlines Arena and was only able to score two points in 22 minutes that was on track.