Weight and diet routine for basketball

Rutina y dieta para baloncesto

As we have mentioned on different occasions, all sports should be supplemented training with strength in the gym work. Basketball is no exception.

Basketball players need to first acquire the technical skills and the necessary skills to perform the necessary movements in basketball.

However, once acquired this technique, is need develop the strength and the power to enforce the performance on the pitch, as well as resistance in order to have a good performance throughout the game.

Basketball player It must then have a job at the gym so much focused to increase the strength and power of their lower limbs allowing it to jump higher and move effectively on the pitch as in the arms to be able to launch more powerful and effective. In this routine body; will work in a comprehensive way Working 4 days a week: twice the top and twice the bottom.

 “It will work combining hypertrophy and muscle endurance. Remember that in addition to your workout and in-home personal training, it is very important to take a proper diet and supplementation program” – said Doug Murphy, the owner of In Home Personal Trainer DC.

Exercises train top

-Horizontal chest Press.
-Seated row.
-Triceps one-handed.
-Standing barbell biceps Curl.
-Press the front shoulder.
-Abdomen: Horizontal Crounches.

Exercises undercarriage

-Leg extension.
-Leg Curl.
-Calf sitting.
-Abdomen: leg lifts.

Meal plan

Food is an essential part of the good performance of an athlete. In the case of the basketball players, we have to make sure that your nutrition and supplementation program will help them meet energy requirements that the sport requires, but also help them to have the explosiveness required when required a leap or a career; In addition to resistance to maintain in good condition throughout the game.

In the diet you are presenting here is recommended make 5 meals a day, which will help us to maintain constant energy levels during the day. The menu here is designed for a player aged between 75 and 80 kg of weight to train approximately 2.5 hours daily.


1 glass of milk.
2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice of Turkey ham.
3 slices of bread.
1 cup of chopped fruit.

Snack one

1. high protein Smoothie in carbohydrates in 250ml of milk.
1 fruit.


1.5 cups of cooked pasta or rice.
150 grams of breast of chicken, fish or roast beef with green salad.
1 medium baked potato or mashed.
1 1 slice of bread or tortilla.
1 medium fruit.
Optional: 1 cup beans and a cup of metadrol brasil.

Snack two

1. Turkey ham and panela Cheese Sandwich.
1 yogurt drink.


1 protein Smoothie low in carbohydrates in 250ml milk Light.
2 quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese.

Recommended supplements

-Multivitamin complex: Take 1 tablet in the morning and another at night.
-Rehydration drink and energizing: during the training.
-Mixture of creatine, glutamine, taurine and carbohydrates: it will help you to train with greater strength and power and also helps you prevent catabolism during exercise, taurine is also an excellent antioxidant.

Remember that it is very important to not skip meals, combining your training with good nutrition and supplementation, your performance on the Court will improve and your energy will increase.

10 good movies about basketball and other titles

If you have a Monday afternoon boring, you are tired to go out and play to the District Court and there is no basketball on TV, you can always sit in your armchair, relax, and watch movies online about basketball. I leave you a few recommendations, a good list, and a few videos with some of the best scenes. Don’t miss out and being able to choose well, morever all of these movies are available in HD at http://movie2k.io.

1. whites do not know it put (1992)

Original title: White Men Can’t Jump

Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes
History: Street basketball on Venice Beach with two players who are trying to earn a living through gambling, comedy with a bit of drama which speaks of the difference between winning and losing, two very different characters United by the passion to the sport and also for a very special woman. It is a classic with scenes of basketball on the courts next to the beach.

2 Hoosiers: more than idols (1986)

Original title: Hossiers

Director: David Anspaugh
Starring: Gene Hackman
History: a new coach arrives to an Indiana Institute in Milan and get to do a team-based work and fight. Speeches serious and happy ending with the State title in 1951 for a small town. Based on a true story. One of the best sports films. Sensational also Dennis Hooper as secondary. And there you will see the actor who did Spiderman in one of his first roles.

3. a bad move (1998)

Original title: He Got Game

Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Denzel Washington and Ray Allen
History: the dramatic lives of a father and a son, college player in New York, they have to decide what offer accept to professional basketball. It could be something like the life of Stephon Marbury. In Coney Island sentiments are to the surface by the relationship with the father, who just got out of jail for accidentally killing her mother. Lots of cameos by famous people.

4 Play Off (1994)

Original title: Above the Rim

Director: Jeff Pollack
Starring: Tupac Amaru Shakur, Marlon Wayans, Leon Robinson, John Thompson and Mr Andrews
History: streets of New York, a dealer of drugs, that embodies the rapper Tupac Amaru, and a basketball star of the neighborhood that, for now, is a security guard at an Institute. If you want to see similarities, Allen Iverson. The criminal tries to influence the player and, as in many movies, there are final duel on the Court. It has claims but it has a very normalito script, to the American.

5 BasketMusic (1979)

Original title: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Director: Gilbert Moses
Cast: Julius Erving, Jonathan Winters, Meadowlark Lemon, Jack Kehoe, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Margaret Avery.
History: a team trailing in the NBA seeks solutions and can not think anything but follow the advice of an astrologer who recommended to have players with the sign Pisces. Something very rare, but that just giving results. Recommended for the nostalgic who wish to see Dr. J. Fantasía music and played impossible.

6 gain in any way (1994)

Original title: Blue Chips

Director: William Friedkin
Starring: Nick Nolte
History: sports shenanigans with the background of college basketball and scenes of real moves. Do not miss to Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Bird if you want to continue to be a rising star role value. Good scenes of basketball, with many resources. It all begins when a coach loses the season for the first time… But then things change. A good story that is wanting.

7 Space Jam (1996)

Director: Joe Pytka

Starring: Michael Jordan
History: with Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck you need it to have a good time. Combine the cartoon of the Looney Tunes and a basketball star was a good idea. If you do need to win a game, only you have to call to Air, although it has withdrawn and be out there playing golf. A film to watch with kids and smile funny scenes and parties with the toons. They are all and the opposing team of monsters reminiscent of more than one player.

8 time Out (1991)

Original title: Heaven Is A Playground

Director: Randall Fried
Cast: Taunya Bounds, Terry Bradley, Cylk Cozart, Stavon Lovell Davis and Jim Dougherty
History: it is one of those films that is practically unknown because it was going to be the story of Michael Jordan, and at the end was Bo Kimble. He didn’t have great numbers at the box office, but it is a good drama in the South of Chicago following the book of the same title, with some more argumentative mess. Backdrop of underworld, drugs and people trying to do something good with the basketball. There we will see Hakeem Olajuwon.

9 Coach Carter (2005)

Original title: Coach Carter

Director: Thomas Carter
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson
Story: based on the real facts of coach Ken Carter Institute, which developed the Oliers Richmond in a champion with a few methods to rather strict. There are social criticism and education in depth, it is with some American topics. It seems rather to Hoosiers and Samuel L. Jackson made one of his best roles. A film without too much spectacle but very interesting.

10 rebound: the legend of Earl Manigault (2000)

Original title: Rebound: The Legend of Earl The Goat Manigault

Director: Eriq Salle
Starring: Don Cheadle
Story: is about the life of a basketball player real, Earl Manigault, known as the goat (The Goat) and was broadcast on us television channel. The player was on the doorstep of the NBA because of drugs.It is not a great film, the basketball scenes are of sufficient scraping, but can see Joe Smith and Kevin Garnett.

By the way, basketball films began in 1938 with ‘ Campus Confessions’ and in which appeared Hank Luisetti, the creator of a hand release. There is a good piece of Robert Altman, ‘ King Basketball’in 1952. In the seventies there are films like ‘Maurie’, ‘ Shirt/Skins’, ‘The Gambler’ (with Paul Sorvino and James Woods), ‘Mixed Company’, ‘ One on One’ (with Melanie Griffith), ‘Coach’ or ‘Fast Break’ (with former player Bernard King as the protagonist), but the films around the world arrive in 1979 with ‘ The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh’ and, above all, ‘Hoosiers’.

From there there are a lot of films, many of them in plan light comedy: ‘Of chest hair’, ‘Fast Break’, ‘Slam Dunk Ernest’ (with Abdul-Jabbar), ‘Bounce’ (Martin Lawrence), ‘A tribe on the Court’, ‘The pride of the Celtics’, ‘Eddie’ (with Whoopie Goldberg), ‘Air Bud’ (a dog and basketball or ‘A gang of height’ (1 and 2).)

And then we have another series of ‘Road to glory’, ‘ Basketball Diaries’ more serious films (Leonardo di Caprio), ‘Forget Paris’ (Billy Crystal and Debra Winger and many cameos), ‘ Pistol: The Birth of a Legend’ (on the ill-fated Maravich), ‘Final Shot’ (on Hank Gathers), ‘don’t stay back’ (directed by Jack Nicholson) or ‘love and basketball’. The last interesting, ‘Crossover’ (2006) about street basketball and underworld and ‘The dream of the street’, a documentary film based on a true story about two kids African life and his effort to play in the NBA.