This programme takes place in Boston. From the age of 15.
Dates available: from 28/06 to 18/07 or 12/07 to 01/08.
3 weeks €3,185 €2.985. Offer valid until 16/02/15
(€1 = $1,2383 30/11/14)

English + Basket in Boston

Since its birth in America at the beginning of the 19th century basketball ceased to grow and evolve to become one of the sports of more international world fame thanks to stars like Yao Ming or Pau Gassols. This summer, Travel & Tuition, we are presenting a completely new basketball program in Boston (Massachusetts).

Basket in Boston

We spend three or more weeks in the University campus of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, learning English in the mornings while you train and play your favourite sport in the afternoons, with the help of professional coaches and playing with American students and other nationalities.

Our 3-week program combines daily practice of basketball and English with international students and go camping with camp experts in teen summer camps  NY and worldwide.

Students are trained by staff of the University and graduates students. Every evening you can practice math, individual and Team technical free throws. You will play with students of other nationalities, but also you will play with teams of local students, allowing you to meet American students while improving your game.


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