Best basketball movies

The World Basketball 2014 celebrated in Spain is about to start.Until the ball is released to air in the first serve we wanted to collect the best films that have tried the world of basketball. We know that they are not all along the way are us tapes as Eddie, Blue chips, a tribe on the Court and so many others that can remind us in the comments. You can find the movies below always available at youtube on fire.

Whites do not know it put

Beyond the obvious double meaning of its title in Spain (in the United States, its original title was White men can’t jump, whites don’t know skip), this film of 1992 had two large stars thanHollywood , which had broken out in the 80s: Wesley Snipes andWoody Harrelson. A couple with chemistry on-screen and that he showed basketball of street sweeping in United States. Your height (1.75 and 1.78, respectively) showed that this sport is not so much question of centimeters as of attitude. The rise of the tape in our country was very important since that year there would be the Olympic Games in Barcelona where Spain succumbed against the dream team of the United States.

Space Jam

We are sure that all of you have seen this classic of animation featuring the Looney Tunes and a Michael Jordan showing also have talent to get in front of the cameras. Air Jordan had conquered this year (1996) a new ring after being withdrawn in 1993 and returned to be at the Summit. For the film, he partnered with Larry Bird, Patrick Ewingand Charles Barkley, among others.

I’ve got game

Few players may be said to have the game in the blood. One of them is Ray Allen, player of Milwaukee, Boston, Miami and Seattle, is one of the biggest stars of the NBA. He, along with Denzel Washington starred have got game, a drama of height, never better said given the almost two metres of its protagonist. Michael Jordan also makes a cameo in this film.

Coach Carter

The prominence of basketball not only focuses on what happens on the parquet. What happens in the locker room and after the line of band is also reflected in the film. It is the case of Coach Carter (2005) film starring Samuel l. Jackson who gave life to the real coach of the Richmond Institute. Their methods included form not only basketball players but also students and people.

Road to glory

Just a year after Hollywood gave life to the history of another coach: Don Haskins. The film is based on real events that took place at the University of Texas in 1966 in which for the first time a team of NCAA basketball ranking African American players. Work, discipline and, above all, integration. One of the great values of the basketball.

Love & Basketball

In this wake, we include in this top best movies about basketball to Love & Basketball. Perhaps not the best basketball movie but yes is an element that is often taboo in today’s society: women’s sports. They also have talent from the 6.25 (7.25 in the USA) and show it.

Like Mike

Which basketball is open to everyone also learned in the film Like Mike , where a small Lil Bow Wow was measured to giant stars of the NBA where not always went well. The soundtrack is a real gem to live basketball at 100%.

Teen wolf

We close the review of the best films of basketball with this comedy from 1985 in which Michael J. Fox become werewolf crushing rings without contemplation. We are sure that you have watch recent movies and if you have not done you what you are waiting for? Put yourself to the day because the basketball world is about to begin. Check this site movie2k for more movies.

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