Best books about Eurobasket women 2007

We are at Christmas, the Magi approach and other inventions to give and be given away. InSweet Hoops closer we launched a series of books in the last year and a half so you can choose which one is the one you like about them. We’ve only read a few, so any help completing the list will be welcome.

Invasion or Victoria, Gonzalo Vazquez and Max Tobias (Ediciones JC, 2012)

Gonzalo Vázquez and Maximum Tobias tell us the process by which the NBA has been welcoming more and more foreign players. Given the context in each of the situations, the authors tracing the history of the arrival of the first foreign, from the early archaic basket until the explosion of these in the nineties through the inevitable chessboard in became the world during the Cold War … And there were many before Nowitzki or Pau, and not everyone has such a nice story.

The play, full of testimonials from actors tells the adventures of Sabonis to finish playing in the NBA, or the arrival and departure of the tallest player in the league, a Japanese who was drafted when that of scouting was a high risk activity. To learn more, we leave the interview conducted Pulling Fail to its author Gonzalo Vázquez .

The Catcher in the rye , Antonio Gil (Ediciones JC, 2012)

Antonio Gil tells  in Catcher in the rye PDF his natural style street party located in a field bordering the Bronx that prompted him to write the book. An ode where playgrounds and basketball NBA stars intermingle to remove all the damn basketball Lockout 2011 almost left us without seeing. You can learn more about the book listening to the interview conducted our friends Sphere NBA the author.

Winning is tacky, Guillermo Ortiz (bins Peach, 2012)

“25 years of rise and collapse of the ACB with Students by storm” is the subtitle of this book quite clear where the shots. Under the prism of Student Guillermo Ortiz takes a snapshot of history ACB with a high dose of nostalgia and a stick in hand to denounce the recent catastrophic years. Our compi Diego González he is enjoying it while eating nougat. The book is for sale on its website and in various physical bookstores .

The pace of the court, James Rivero (Intellectual Key, 2012)

Great book, of all all. Putting jazz, basketball, and cultures, Jacobo Rivero creates a landscape different in each of the 13 stories it tells the book. It is a book about basketball and many more things, but above all a highly recommended product.

History (s) NBA Javier Cortijo (T & B Publishers, 2011)

Very enjoyable and enriching reading, especially for those who are deep into the succulent world basketball history in the United States. Loaded with anecdotes, broken toys and trivia, this book beautifully bound and presented is such that you leave on the shelf and you’re reading it slowly, providing you more and more data and stories of those that fall in the newspapers.A perfect gift book.

Stolen Dream. The Yugoslav basketball, for Juanan Fennel (Ediciones JC, 2011)

An authentic Balkan Bible basketball Castilian. Fennel juanan reels history and several key made this small country became the cradle of the best European players of the nineties. Routines, practices and requirements of a place where basketball was and still is a religion under the framework of the decomposition of the country. A book collectors.

These are some of the books basket that have appeared over the last year and a half. Pleased to see that in times of crisis publishers are betting on the sport to quench the thirst for knowledge of all of us.Good year further reinforced by the launch of notebooks Basket , the quarterly magazine that has come this year to explore a new field not yet open. A luxury item to stock price. Touch to thank … and what better way than giving written Basketball?

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