CAI Zaragoza ends the season with Fireworks

Partido entre el CAI Zaragoza y el UCAM Murcia. .EFE

CAI Zaragoza beat the UCAM Murcia by a spectacular 108-74 in a match that served as a perfect end of feast of a season to remember. Now, Valencia is waiting in the ‘play-off’.

Fireworks to end the regular season. The perfect close to a course to remember . The first major campaign of the CAI Zaragoza. The Aragonese were given a scorer feast in their last League match againstUCAM Murcia (108-74). A real party in which Prince Philip could enjoy yours as a prelude to the ‘play-off’. Qualifiers for the title that will measure the Aragonese, fifth in the table, with Valencia Basket, which ended fourth to impose its commitment on La Bruixa d’Or.

The meeting between Zaragoza and Murcia only can understand from the standpoint that he faces a picture released and ambitious with another that is virtually holiday. A combination that can only end in a wide victory of the first, as it happened. Thus, little the pinkos tightened on defense, managed to walk away with ease on the scoreboard.Running several spectacular actions along the way. The wards of José Luis Abós so much that, at times, seemed to republish the famous ‘showtime’ popularized the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s. Fun, fast, and extremely offensive game that crushed a UCAM whose mind was somewhere else.

The competitiveness of the party just lasted a few minutes. What a brief exchange of baskets that came to place a tie at 11 in the electronic.To start from there, and still in the first quarter, the Socialist Group imposed a partial 16 – 0 which already assured him the victory he needed to get fifth place. It would not be the only disproportionate advantage who would get along party.

With Murcia yielded, it was the moment to see the less usual. EspeciallyVladimir Golubovic. The pivot, signed to replace the injured Norel,might not have a best debut in its new home. Spectacular party of the new ‘five’ Aragon, whose numbers are simply spectacular. In total, 17 so many and 7 rebounds for assessment 27. Business card which presented only a failure in the shot.

Comparisons are odious, but inevitable, the best that can be said of the Montenegrin giant is that he knew how to maintain production that used to offer Norel. “I am not Henk, but I will give my best to help,” again repeated in the press room. Certainly he did. Once seen with more minutes, Golubovic hinted at in defense as a hard player. Tall and strong, in attack asserted very well your body. Especially before posts smaller than he as Lewis or Tillie.

Also very well played Jospeh Jones. As the global team, on the other hand. American Center, which holds responsibility for a step forward for the final stretch of the course, completed 20 of valuation. Indoor play, with injured Fontet, was completed by Pablo Aguilar. The captain, in line of their last meetings, returned to offer a display in their justified bid to the selection. Finally, the Granada ended with 13 points, six rebounds and four recoveries for 23 of valuation. Simply magnificent.

There was much more to highlight of the meeting, which had its biggest point of excitement to see when locals were able to overcome the three digits on the scoreboard. Llompart did with a triple which was celebrated by the Harrow as a goal. It is true that the UCAM Murcia, after the descent, had tightened more in defense. Rather than not imported to the CAI.

Now, Zaragoza face the most beautiful challenge of the season.Valencia hopes in the ‘play-off’ with the advantage of field in their favor. Nothing can intimidate a set able to excite and thrill like Fireworks in Washington.


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