11 movies you have to see if you are a basketball fan


Basketball combines qualities as your spirit of team, the desire of his players, the fight for fair play and the desire for fun are reason that the film is set on numerous occasions in this sport as a source of inspiration. The guidelines of a trainer can be used as metaphors of life teachings and the ascent or descent of each basketball player career can be a perfect parallel to the life of many people.

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We carry out a review of these films who chose basketball as a main theme or as a framework from which discuss their concerns, with 11 titles, without particular – order that will serve us to join the Spanish team during the World Cup and to follow them along with the Tour San Miguel, and we also recommend you to see these movies at putlocker for the best enjoying experience.

josh lucas

Racial integration for basketball in road to glory

With Josh Lucas in the role of a coach, road to glory (Glory Road, 2006) represents, through the signings for a basketball team, the racial difficulties living in 1966 in the United States. The film, directed by James Gartner, also features Jon Voightand Emily Deschanel.

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny are the faces in Space Jam

See Michael Jordan in any circumstance is spectacular, but see it playing and chatting with a cartoon is extraordinary, and even more so for the time that was done Space Jam (1996), the film in which the Loonie Toons of the Warner characters mingled with the stars of the NBA then and some other actor , of considerable prestige, as Bill Murray.

Space Jam

It could see major players of the moment in several titles. The musical BasketMusic (The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, 1979) brought together Jonathan Winters, Meadowlark Lemon, Jack Kehoe, Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And, of course, who forgets the cameo by Kareem in lands as possible.

Channing Tatum and Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter

It is very common for movies about basketball to focus on the figure of the trainer. So Coach Carter makes it (Coach Carter, 2005), where Samuel l. Jackson plays the mentor to a group of youngsters, among which is the cachitas of Channing Tatumfashion. Carter becomes coach of his former Institute with the intention of change both the quality of play of the kids and their negative attitude.

coach carter

Denzel Washington prepares a bad move by Spike Lee

Denzel Washington is the main actor in this drama no less than directed by Spike Lee. In a bad move (I’ve Got Game, 1998), the main character is a prisoner, imprisoned for murdering his wife, who will have to convince his son that go to the University and its potential as a basketball player to play there, in Exchange for a shorter sentence. Milla Jovovich and Rosario Dawson completed the cast.

he got game

Teenage players: Teen Wolf, of chest hair

Michael j. Fox could be the player of lesser stature who has known basketball, but is that of chest hair (Teen Wolf, 1985) he transformed into werewolf and could crush and enter basket as an exhalation. The film has been interpreted asmetaphor for changes of various kinds, although we cannot remain – and this track have it in the title Spanish-in the passage from childhood to adulthood. Of course, that teenage viewers of the time stayed with the competition and adventure, as it should be.


If we stay within the tone fun, designed especially for the younger, are also to Kevin Bacon in the skin of a coach who has to travel to Africa to recruit a great player in a tribe on the Court (The Air Up There, 1994).

Shaq attack manages to win in any way

Nick Nolte is the most important actor who reflects the poster win in any way (Blue Chips, 1994), but next to his spelling of a name that may be even more big and famous, that of Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball player from the NBA that during his years in active gave both play both outside and within the courts. The film returns to focus on the figure of a coach to tell the story of a University team that hires Major League players.


Other renowned actors have lent his face to appear in films on basketball, as Sean Connery in Finding Forrester (Finding Forrester, 2000), film which could enjoy an own section within the list, given its director and performers: Gus Van Sant, Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, etc… However, the subject of basketball is more secondary in this film than in others.The same thing happens to the starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a rebel newspaper (The Basketball Diaries, 1995), whose true central theme are the dangers of drugs.

Whites do not know it to get… or they did not know

In the early 1990s, it became very famous film of Ron Shelton whites do not know it put (White Men can’t ‘ t Jump, 1992), who knows if for the successful translation to the Spanish or if you have Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson andRosie Perez. The Street basketball players of different races, which had always competed under the rings and had clashed personally, come together to increase their chances. It is clear that the white inferiority which at that time was so manifest as it is not as evident today, with the participation of many European players in the NBA.


The best basketball movies, Hoosiers: more than idols

Gene Hackman was the coach of the basketball team in Hoosiers: more than idols (Hoosiers, 1986). Next to it wereBarbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper, completing the cast of this drama based on a true story, which tells the team from a small town in Indiana came to the State finals in 1954. The epic is the main ingredient of this film on redemptions individual and team victories.


Basketball version movie comedy, Will Ferrell’s semi-pro

Comedy semi-professional: balls team (Semi-pro, 2008), of course, also is represented in this list. This film is played byWill Ferrell and André Benjamin. Woody Harrelson, as reputed currently thanks to True Detective, reappears in this list practicing one of his real interests.

Within this genus, found some incursions of the Wayans Brothers in the specialty, as the sixth man (The Sixth Man, 1997), Play Off (Above the Rim, 1994) or Celtic Pride (1996), where he accompanies them Dan Aykroyd. Comedy also appears in the option rebound (Rebound, 2005), film in which Martin Lawrence made coach for a team of losers.

Semi pro

Believe In Me, the under-representation of women’s basketball

Women have made great careers under the rings, however the film seems to prefer the spectacularity of the male basketball.One of the few films that reflected the female faction is Believe In Me (2006), featuring Samantha Mathis as one of the players of a team of Institute of a small conservative town during the 1960s. Jeffrey Donovan plays a young man who wants to carve out a career as an instructor and is frustrated when they force you to train women, rather than the men’s team that had set his sights.

By them (hot flashes) (The Hot Flashes, 2013), also focuses on sport practiced by women, but in this case where the team protagonist is made up of middle-aged ladies and the opposite occurs in the powerful Mac (The Mighty Macs, 2009), film in which Carla Gugino plays the coach of a girls team in a nuns school.


Recent documentaries and Heroes gold

To recommend movies about basketball recent, would have to opt for the genre of documentary, which is what is being done mainly in these decades about the sport of rings. For example, Magic & Bird (2010), The Dream Team (2012),American Streetballers (2010), Kobe Doin’ Work (2009), Broke (Star broke) (2012), The Doctor (2013) Magic Johnson gives the face (2012), brothers and foes: Divac and Petrovic (2010), the decision of Michael Jordan (2010), Linsanity (2013), No Crossover (the trial of Allen Iverson) (2010), More Than a Game (2008), The Other Dream Team (2012) Chris Herren , a junkie in the basket (2011), Reggie Miller against the Knicks (2010) Michael Jordan to the Max (2000), the style of Paul Westhead (2010) or the Len Bias tragedy (2009).

Of these, I would highlight Heroes of gold (2011), a film about the Spanish selection that has step by step how Spain reissued a Eurobasket win. Packed with exclusive statements of the protagonists, this documentary directed by Kiko Martin, features the road travelled by the Spanish International since the beginning of the N-11 route to the celebration in Callao. We already know that the Spanish basketball team is governed by values that we can see with greater depth in the film.


Now you are ready or prepared to accompany the Spanish team with the Tour citizen 0,0and give one of the relay when the ball passes through your city. The list is not include all titles on basketball, but only some of them and, as I said, is not placed in order from best to worst nor vice versa, not there is management. If there are any that you think is missing, you have the space for comments at your disposal to add it.

Weight and diet routine for basketball

Rutina y dieta para baloncesto

As we have mentioned on different occasions, all sports should be supplemented training with strength in the gym work. Basketball is no exception.

Basketball players need to first acquire the technical skills and the necessary skills to perform the necessary movements in basketball.

However, once acquired this technique, is need develop the strength and the power to enforce the performance on the pitch, as well as resistance in order to have a good performance throughout the game.

Basketball player It must then have a job at the gym so much focused to increase the strength and power of their lower limbs allowing it to jump higher and move effectively on the pitch as in the arms to be able to launch more powerful and effective. In this routine body; will work in a comprehensive way Working 4 days a week: twice the top and twice the bottom.

 “It will work combining hypertrophy and muscle endurance. Remember that in addition to your workout and in-home personal training, it is very important to take a proper diet and supplementation program” – said Doug Murphy, the owner of In Home Personal Trainer DC.

Exercises train top

-Horizontal chest Press.
-Seated row.
-Triceps one-handed.
-Standing barbell biceps Curl.
-Press the front shoulder.
-Abdomen: Horizontal Crounches.

Exercises undercarriage

-Leg extension.
-Leg Curl.
-Calf sitting.
-Abdomen: leg lifts.

Meal plan

Food is an essential part of the good performance of an athlete. In the case of the basketball players, we have to make sure that your nutrition and supplementation program will help them meet energy requirements that the sport requires, but also help them to have the explosiveness required when required a leap or a career; In addition to resistance to maintain in good condition throughout the game.

In the diet you are presenting here is recommended make 5 meals a day, which will help us to maintain constant energy levels during the day. The menu here is designed for a player aged between 75 and 80 kg of weight to train approximately 2.5 hours daily.


1 glass of milk.
2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice of Turkey ham.
3 slices of bread.
1 cup of chopped fruit.

Snack one

1. high protein Smoothie in carbohydrates in 250ml of milk.
1 fruit.


1.5 cups of cooked pasta or rice.
150 grams of breast of chicken, fish or roast beef with green salad.
1 medium baked potato or mashed.
1 1 slice of bread or tortilla.
1 medium fruit.
Optional: 1 cup beans and a cup of metadrol brasil.

Snack two

1. Turkey ham and panela Cheese Sandwich.
1 yogurt drink.


1 protein Smoothie low in carbohydrates in 250ml milk Light.
2 quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese.

Recommended supplements

-Multivitamin complex: Take 1 tablet in the morning and another at night.
-Rehydration drink and energizing: during the training.
-Mixture of creatine, glutamine, taurine and carbohydrates: it will help you to train with greater strength and power and also helps you prevent catabolism during exercise, taurine is also an excellent antioxidant.

Remember that it is very important to not skip meals, combining your training with good nutrition and supplementation, your performance on the Court will improve and your energy will increase.

10 good movies about basketball and other titles

If you have a Monday afternoon boring, you are tired to go out and play to the District Court and there is no basketball on TV, you can always sit in your armchair, relax, and watch movies online about basketball. I leave you a few recommendations, a good list, and a few videos with some of the best scenes. Don’t miss out and being able to choose well, morever all of these movies are available in HD at http://movie2k.io.

1. whites do not know it put (1992)

Original title: White Men Can’t Jump

Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes
History: Street basketball on Venice Beach with two players who are trying to earn a living through gambling, comedy with a bit of drama which speaks of the difference between winning and losing, two very different characters United by the passion to the sport and also for a very special woman. It is a classic with scenes of basketball on the courts next to the beach.

2 Hoosiers: more than idols (1986)

Original title: Hossiers

Director: David Anspaugh
Starring: Gene Hackman
History: a new coach arrives to an Indiana Institute in Milan and get to do a team-based work and fight. Speeches serious and happy ending with the State title in 1951 for a small town. Based on a true story. One of the best sports films. Sensational also Dennis Hooper as secondary. And there you will see the actor who did Spiderman in one of his first roles.

3. a bad move (1998)

Original title: He Got Game

Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Denzel Washington and Ray Allen
History: the dramatic lives of a father and a son, college player in New York, they have to decide what offer accept to professional basketball. It could be something like the life of Stephon Marbury. In Coney Island sentiments are to the surface by the relationship with the father, who just got out of jail for accidentally killing her mother. Lots of cameos by famous people.

4 Play Off (1994)

Original title: Above the Rim

Director: Jeff Pollack
Starring: Tupac Amaru Shakur, Marlon Wayans, Leon Robinson, John Thompson and Mr Andrews
History: streets of New York, a dealer of drugs, that embodies the rapper Tupac Amaru, and a basketball star of the neighborhood that, for now, is a security guard at an Institute. If you want to see similarities, Allen Iverson. The criminal tries to influence the player and, as in many movies, there are final duel on the Court. It has claims but it has a very normalito script, to the American.

5 BasketMusic (1979)

Original title: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Director: Gilbert Moses
Cast: Julius Erving, Jonathan Winters, Meadowlark Lemon, Jack Kehoe, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Margaret Avery.
History: a team trailing in the NBA seeks solutions and can not think anything but follow the advice of an astrologer who recommended to have players with the sign Pisces. Something very rare, but that just giving results. Recommended for the nostalgic who wish to see Dr. J. Fantasía music and played impossible.

6 gain in any way (1994)

Original title: Blue Chips

Director: William Friedkin
Starring: Nick Nolte
History: sports shenanigans with the background of college basketball and scenes of real moves. Do not miss to Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Bird if you want to continue to be a rising star role value. Good scenes of basketball, with many resources. It all begins when a coach loses the season for the first time… But then things change. A good story that is wanting.

7 Space Jam (1996)

Director: Joe Pytka

Starring: Michael Jordan
History: with Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck you need it to have a good time. Combine the cartoon of the Looney Tunes and a basketball star was a good idea. If you do need to win a game, only you have to call to Air, although it has withdrawn and be out there playing golf. A film to watch with kids and smile funny scenes and parties with the toons. They are all and the opposing team of monsters reminiscent of more than one player.

8 time Out (1991)

Original title: Heaven Is A Playground

Director: Randall Fried
Cast: Taunya Bounds, Terry Bradley, Cylk Cozart, Stavon Lovell Davis and Jim Dougherty
History: it is one of those films that is practically unknown because it was going to be the story of Michael Jordan, and at the end was Bo Kimble. He didn’t have great numbers at the box office, but it is a good drama in the South of Chicago following the book of the same title, with some more argumentative mess. Backdrop of underworld, drugs and people trying to do something good with the basketball. There we will see Hakeem Olajuwon.

9 Coach Carter (2005)

Original title: Coach Carter

Director: Thomas Carter
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson
Story: based on the real facts of coach Ken Carter Institute, which developed the Oliers Richmond in a champion with a few methods to rather strict. There are social criticism and education in depth, it is with some American topics. It seems rather to Hoosiers and Samuel L. Jackson made one of his best roles. A film without too much spectacle but very interesting.

10 rebound: the legend of Earl Manigault (2000)

Original title: Rebound: The Legend of Earl The Goat Manigault

Director: Eriq Salle
Starring: Don Cheadle
Story: is about the life of a basketball player real, Earl Manigault, known as the goat (The Goat) and was broadcast on us television channel. The player was on the doorstep of the NBA because of drugs.It is not a great film, the basketball scenes are of sufficient scraping, but can see Joe Smith and Kevin Garnett.

By the way, basketball films began in 1938 with ‘ Campus Confessions’ and in which appeared Hank Luisetti, the creator of a hand release. There is a good piece of Robert Altman, ‘ King Basketball’in 1952. In the seventies there are films like ‘Maurie’, ‘ Shirt/Skins’, ‘The Gambler’ (with Paul Sorvino and James Woods), ‘Mixed Company’, ‘ One on One’ (with Melanie Griffith), ‘Coach’ or ‘Fast Break’ (with former player Bernard King as the protagonist), but the films around the world arrive in 1979 with ‘ The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh’ and, above all, ‘Hoosiers’.

From there there are a lot of films, many of them in plan light comedy: ‘Of chest hair’, ‘Fast Break’, ‘Slam Dunk Ernest’ (with Abdul-Jabbar), ‘Bounce’ (Martin Lawrence), ‘A tribe on the Court’, ‘The pride of the Celtics’, ‘Eddie’ (with Whoopie Goldberg), ‘Air Bud’ (a dog and basketball or ‘A gang of height’ (1 and 2).)

And then we have another series of ‘Road to glory’, ‘ Basketball Diaries’ more serious films (Leonardo di Caprio), ‘Forget Paris’ (Billy Crystal and Debra Winger and many cameos), ‘ Pistol: The Birth of a Legend’ (on the ill-fated Maravich), ‘Final Shot’ (on Hank Gathers), ‘don’t stay back’ (directed by Jack Nicholson) or ‘love and basketball’. The last interesting, ‘Crossover’ (2006) about street basketball and underworld and ‘The dream of the street’, a documentary film based on a true story about two kids African life and his effort to play in the NBA.

The 10 best basketball books

We have already talked about music , movies, and as it is evident, it was missing the best selection of free ebooks of thematic baloncestistica. Which then are the result of a survey among journalists and fans, from which came out these titles as the most outstanding readings of recent times.


-The dream of my sleepless (2013): edited by Corner and prefaced by Marc Gasol, journalist Antoni Daimiel tells us in its pages the experiences and anecdotes – that are not few – that revolve around the best League in the world through the eyes of the most renowned Spanish journalist on the other side of the pond after their 17 years covering the NBA.

- These wonderful years (2014): an trial of author edited by The sphere of books and prefaced by the fine prose ofManuel Jabois. In it, the journalist Luis Fernando López portrays, from its presence in every success of ours as a Special Envoy of the world, the greatest generation of our basketball history, but does so in a different way, giving priority to the emotional and focusing on paragraph human of all and each one of the ‘characters’ that made us vibrate with each basket , with each bounce, with each win.

- When it went the best (2011): an analysis in depth of Álvaro Paricio on our selection successes, ranging from theEurobasket 2001 until the 2010 Turkey world. Unlike the previous, rationality based on the statistical constitutes the pillar of a story spiced with declarations of the players themselves. Emotionally prologued by Jorge Garbajosa and edited by JC Clementine, has become another essential to understand and remember the triumphs that both made us enjoy and daydream with the NBA.

- Pau Gasol by Pau Gasol, the party of my life (2010): published by EDEBÉ and mark, Jesus Sanchez and Fernando Miguel Carreño hand discovered the history of the best Spanish all-time player counted with all kinds of detail and full of anecdotes and personal experiences of the pivot of Sant Boi. Another must-see for the collection of the best years of basketball in our country.

- Michael Jordan, the King of the game (2010): of the best Spanish player in history to the best of all time. The myth, the legend of the man who dominated basketball from an incredible spirit of overcoming able to knock down any obstacle.From its two withdrawals until his gambling addiction, going through the emotional problems and trouble of skirts, all kinds of sequences that marked and surrounded the ‘flight’ of Jordan told by Max Joseph Tobias in a work published by JC Clementine.

- 101 stories NBA (2013): edited by JC Clementine, also from a trip with Jordan to another by the depths of the best League in the world to discover what really lurks behind the American show. A succession of stories of triumphs, defeats, epic, failures and anecdotes told by one of the finest ‘Feather’ baloncestisticas of our country, the de Gonzalo Vázquez.

- Baskets sacred (2007): mythical, cult object. The most successful history, Phil Jackson coach, writes with Hugh Delehanty the spiritual lessons and coaching philosophy used in the direction of the most Golden of the Chicago Bulls era with Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc and Rodman. Edited by Paidotribo.

- Eleven rings (2014): other ‘ Zen master ‘. Prologue by Antoni Daimiel and edited by Roca Editorial de Libros, narrates his method of inspiration and leadership on the basis of profit of the Group through the management of egosthat such good results has given Jackson throughout his successful career in the NBA.

- Can I stay shirt? (2012): edited by Readme editors and prologue by Joan Plaza, history is written by the former player Paul Shirley, Player half of basketball half writer/journalist. After his ‘forced’ adventure in the NBA he spent time by our basketball (Joventut and Minorca), telling us firsthand the misery and the squalor behind the success of a fewin the elite of the basketball.

- Travel-ready (2007): one of the essentials. Under the edition of zone 1-3-1, coach Pep Clarós tells every little detail thewealth of anecdotes and experiences that leaves in its wake a long career by the bench for half the world.

Enjoy one of the greatest pleasures, reading.

Excorredora explains how she turned from athlete to prostitute

The former athlete through her Twitter account in 2012 confessed working prostitute to “escape from the life that I was spotting”.



Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton Universal


Universal-though he participated in three Olympic Games (Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 200), Suzy Favor Hamilton never managed to devote itself as one of the best middle-distance runners. However where if success was in Los Angeles, but not as an athlete, but as a luxury elite london escort.

Favor Hamilton maintained a double life as Lady of company under the name of “Kelly Lundy”, did it not by economic necessity, but as a solution to his depression after a moment complicated in their marriage.

The former athlete through his Twitter account in 2012 confessed working prostitute to “escape from the life that I was spotting”.

Three years later, Sports Illustrated magazine published excerpts from the book Hamilton wrote about her life, where talks about the fascinating passing as a lady-in-waiting.

Finally, Hamilton said that he earned money by “doing something he loved,” and he wanted future appointments after meeting their new satisfaction.



Lawyers 4

To celebrate the week of the Lawyer, the Bar Associations Genaro Estrada and Tel Aviv lawyer started a basketball tournament on the field vector Marina.

On a rainy framework but with much enthusiasm of the participants and their families Lic. Ernesto Lopez Kelly, head of the sports area Genaro Estrada College welcomed all those present. Among the guests at the table of presidium the chairs of the schools were. Lic. Oscar Jesus Martinez Aguiar, President of the Bar Association and Mr. Genaro Estrada. Cesar Manuel Acosta, President of the Bar Marco Antonio Arroyo, accompanied by Mr. Daniel Enciso Saracho, representing Lic. Monica Coppel Tirado, Imdem Director, Mr. Miguel Angel Felix Cruz, president of the Municipal Official Basketball League, plus a basketball legend, Lic. Samuel Macias, former basketball national team, along with more personalities of law. Taking their place of importance honored Lic. Guillermo Haro Millan, who was given the floor and thanked all the recognition he makes in this week’s edition of the Trial.

To the official checkered flag, Lic. Oscar Martinez was in charge of giving by inaugurated the tournament, and Miguel Angel Cruz protest took sports participants.

The first shot was in charge of the honoree, who with excellent achievement aim dunk the ball cleanly entering the ring.

Unfortunately, the lawyers could not get an injunction against nature and the rain ruined them what may have been the first game of the tournament. Deciding so, that would be defined in the following days of round robin play and the winner would be the highest score.

The teams entered the competition was the Unitary Circuit Court, the Bar Marco Antonio Arroyo, the Bar Genaro Estrada Teacher University of Durango. The final game will be this coming Thursday evening on the same court.

Taking advantage of the opening, Mr. Kelly Lopez invited those present and their families for the foot race of this Saturday which will have its start and finish just off the “Fonda de Chalio” Olas Altas.


Lawyers 1Lawyers 2Lawyers 5Lic. Haro Millanlic.  Kelly LopezMiguel Cruz


La primera cancha de baloncesto del mundo LED interactiva

Nike has created this basketball court LED sensitive to the touch for a training session with Kobe Bryant and evento fire hotmart 2016.

The Court has built-in motion sensors that track the movements of each player individually.

You can also show training exercises to mimic and displays statistics on the yield.
cancha interactiva de basquetbol foto 2The Court, based in Shanghai, China is called the House of Mamba and was built specifically for the Nike Rise, a competition that seeks the best Chinese young players.

cancha interactiva de basquetbol foto 3



Sex scandal: Karasev, hunted with three strippers hours before a game

  • Following the scandal of bigamy, the trouble of skirts still lashing the NBA.Karasev, the Nets player, was caught with three strippers hours before playing in the Heat.

Escándalo sexual: Karasev, cazado con tres strippers horas antes de un partido
Sergey Karasev landed in the NBA last season in the ranks of the Cleveland Cavaliers, after dazzling the Scouts that populated the bleachers of Petersburgo in search of new talent.In the case of the eaves, they soon see it.

After a season of learning in Ohio, alternating with the Canton Charge of the d-League seasons, the young Russian talent had to pack and move to New York once the Cavaliers cared him along with Jarrett Jack to the Nets to release wage and undertake the signing of LeBron James.

In Brooklyn seems Karasev has found the stability needed to develop their full potential and has been consolidated in the Lionel Hollins rotation thanks to their high level on the Court.However, not every night keeps the same regularity.Above all, if there are external circumstances that influence their performance.

It is what happened in the visit of their Nets at Miami, where the player of Petersburgo did not have his best performance in a match that was surrounded by controversy.And it is that after the bigamy of Lou Williams, the NBA does not seem alien to the trouble of skirts.

According to unveiled the New York Post, Karasev had a rather busy night just before facing the Heat.The player, who was much of the time at a local striptease, appeared at the hotel where the Nets with three strippers of escorts south west london about five in the morning were concentrated. Just hours before jumping onto the field.

The sources of the information are running three young ladies who spoke among them from the generous which had been Karasev with gratuities.Only 10 hours after the Russian player jumped to the American Airlines Arena and was only able to score two points in 22 minutes that was on track.

Best basketball movies

The World Basketball 2014 celebrated in Spain is about to start.Until the ball is released to air in the first serve we wanted to collect the best films that have tried the world of basketball. We know that they are not all along the way are us tapes as Eddie, Blue chips, a tribe on the Court and so many others that can remind us in the comments. You can find the movies below always available at youtube on fire.

Whites do not know it put

Beyond the obvious double meaning of its title in Spain (in the United States, its original title was White men can’t jump, whites don’t know skip), this film of 1992 had two large stars thanHollywood , which had broken out in the 80s: Wesley Snipes andWoody Harrelson. A couple with chemistry on-screen and that he showed basketball of street sweeping in United States. Your height (1.75 and 1.78, respectively) showed that this sport is not so much question of centimeters as of attitude. The rise of the tape in our country was very important since that year there would be the Olympic Games in Barcelona where Spain succumbed against the dream team of the United States.

Space Jam

We are sure that all of you have seen this classic of animation featuring the Looney Tunes and a Michael Jordan showing also have talent to get in front of the cameras. Air Jordan had conquered this year (1996) a new ring after being withdrawn in 1993 and returned to be at the Summit. For the film, he partnered with Larry Bird, Patrick Ewingand Charles Barkley, among others.

I’ve got game

Few players may be said to have the game in the blood. One of them is Ray Allen, player of Milwaukee, Boston, Miami and Seattle, is one of the biggest stars of the NBA. He, along with Denzel Washington starred have got game, a drama of height, never better said given the almost two metres of its protagonist. Michael Jordan also makes a cameo in this film.

Coach Carter

The prominence of basketball not only focuses on what happens on the parquet. What happens in the locker room and after the line of band is also reflected in the film. It is the case of Coach Carter (2005) film starring Samuel l. Jackson who gave life to the real coach of the Richmond Institute. Their methods included form not only basketball players but also students and people.

Road to glory

Just a year after Hollywood gave life to the history of another coach: Don Haskins. The film is based on real events that took place at the University of Texas in 1966 in which for the first time a team of NCAA basketball ranking African American players. Work, discipline and, above all, integration. One of the great values of the basketball.

Love & Basketball

In this wake, we include in this top best movies about basketball to Love & Basketball. Perhaps not the best basketball movie but yes is an element that is often taboo in today’s society: women’s sports. They also have talent from the 6.25 (7.25 in the USA) and show it.

Like Mike

Which basketball is open to everyone also learned in the film Like Mike , where a small Lil Bow Wow was measured to giant stars of the NBA where not always went well. The soundtrack is a real gem to live basketball at 100%.

Teen wolf

We close the review of the best films of basketball with this comedy from 1985 in which Michael J. Fox become werewolf crushing rings without contemplation. We are sure that you have watch recent movies and if you have not done you what you are waiting for? Put yourself to the day because the basketball world is about to begin. Check this site movie2k for more movies.

Five Ideas of baby carrier backpack for women basketball player

The imminent arrival of the good weather invites you to go for a walk with the little ones. To go with them, there is the option of the cart or stroller, but you can also opt for beneficial carrier backpacks.  where to find the best baby carriers? We bring you a selection of the best valued on the market in 2015 so that you can choose which you prefer with the assurance that others are happy with them.

And it is that trips or outings to errands she felt our son glued to us well are fantastic, have you ever tried it? Even serve to go hike in the mountains though, that Yes, remember before you buy any bear in mind what is the best way to use the carrier and know their risks. Once you have done so, let’s ride!

Five best infantino baby carriers for newborns

Manduca carrier

This carrier is one of the best valued by Amazon users thanks to its great functionality: can be used with newborns because their seat reducer and when children are larger since it also includes an extension of the backrest. It incorporates snap safety and hood to protect the baby’s head. Its price is around 90 euros.

Carrier Babybjörn

This backpack Sling stands out for being very easy to use and adjust. It can be used since the baby is newborn until he weighs about 11 kilos and can be washed by hand, which also makes it very useful.Its price is about 60 euros.

Boba carrier

By about 50 euros for sale this lightweight and waterproof model which is also very well appreciated by users. Ideal for active families, this is a very easy to use and ergonomic carrier. In addition, after using it can be folded for storage and that occupies no space.

Molto carrier

This Molto Sling backpack is ideal thanks to its ergonomic design and its reinforcement to protect the lower back of the father or mother to the child. Includes a protective bib and a Pocket slides and sells for around $ 40 USD.

Music controller carrier

This carrier has a plus of originality: in your back pocket includes an amplifier and a music player to practice music therapy while you walk with your baby. It is intended for children from five to 13 kilos, consists of seven adjustable straps and it can be put in three positions that guarantee maximum comfort for baby thanks to its padded extra. It costs about 90 euros.

CAI Zaragoza ends the season with Fireworks

Partido entre el CAI Zaragoza y el UCAM Murcia. .EFE

CAI Zaragoza beat the UCAM Murcia by a spectacular 108-74 in a match that served as a perfect end of feast of a season to remember. Now, Valencia is waiting in the ‘play-off’.

Fireworks to end the regular season. The perfect close to a course to remember . The first major campaign of the CAI Zaragoza. The Aragonese were given a scorer feast in their last League match againstUCAM Murcia (108-74). A real party in which Prince Philip could enjoy yours as a prelude to the ‘play-off’. Qualifiers for the title that will measure the Aragonese, fifth in the table, with Valencia Basket, which ended fourth to impose its commitment on La Bruixa d’Or.

The meeting between Zaragoza and Murcia only can understand from the standpoint that he faces a picture released and ambitious with another that is virtually holiday. A combination that can only end in a wide victory of the first, as it happened. Thus, little the pinkos tightened on defense, managed to walk away with ease on the scoreboard.Running several spectacular actions along the way. The wards of José Luis Abós so much that, at times, seemed to republish the famous ‘showtime’ popularized the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s. Fun, fast, and extremely offensive game that crushed a UCAM whose mind was somewhere else.

The competitiveness of the party just lasted a few minutes. What a brief exchange of baskets that came to place a tie at 11 in the electronic.To start from there, and still in the first quarter, the Socialist Group imposed a partial 16 – 0 which already assured him the victory he needed to get fifth place. It would not be the only disproportionate advantage who would get along party.

With Murcia yielded, it was the moment to see the less usual. EspeciallyVladimir Golubovic. The pivot, signed to replace the injured Norel,might not have a best debut in its new home. Spectacular party of the new ‘five’ Aragon, whose numbers are simply spectacular. In total, 17 so many and 7 rebounds for assessment 27. Business card which presented only a failure in the shot.

Comparisons are odious, but inevitable, the best that can be said of the Montenegrin giant is that he knew how to maintain production that used to offer Norel. “I am not Henk, but I will give my best to help,” again repeated in the press room. Certainly he did. Once seen with more minutes, Golubovic hinted at in defense as a hard player. Tall and strong, in attack asserted very well your body. Especially before posts smaller than he as Lewis or Tillie.

Also very well played Jospeh Jones. As the global team, on the other hand. American Center, which holds responsibility for a step forward for the final stretch of the course, completed 20 of valuation. Indoor play, with injured Fontet, was completed by Pablo Aguilar. The captain, in line of their last meetings, returned to offer a display in their justified bid to the selection. Finally, the Granada ended with 13 points, six rebounds and four recoveries for 23 of valuation. Simply magnificent.

There was much more to highlight of the meeting, which had its biggest point of excitement to see when locals were able to overcome the three digits on the scoreboard. Llompart did with a triple which was celebrated by the Harrow as a goal. It is true that the UCAM Murcia, after the descent, had tightened more in defense. Rather than not imported to the CAI.

Now, Zaragoza face the most beautiful challenge of the season.Valencia hopes in the ‘play-off’ with the advantage of field in their favor. Nothing can intimidate a set able to excite and thrill like Fireworks in Washington.



This programme takes place in Boston. From the age of 15.
Dates available: from 28/06 to 18/07 or 12/07 to 01/08.
3 weeks €3,185 €2.985. Offer valid until 16/02/15
(€1 = $1,2383 30/11/14)

English + Basket in Boston

Since its birth in America at the beginning of the 19th century basketball ceased to grow and evolve to become one of the sports of more international world fame thanks to stars like Yao Ming or Pau Gassols. This summer, Travel & Tuition, we are presenting a completely new basketball program in Boston (Massachusetts).

Basket in Boston

We spend three or more weeks in the University campus of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, learning English in the mornings while you train and play your favourite sport in the afternoons, with the help of professional coaches and playing with American students and other nationalities.

Our 3-week program combines daily practice of basketball and English with international students and go camping with camp experts in teen summer camps  NY and worldwide.

Students are trained by staff of the University and graduates students. Every evening you can practice math, individual and Team technical free throws. You will play with students of other nationalities, but also you will play with teams of local students, allowing you to meet American students while improving your game.


Photo Booth of VI Awards Mujerhoy: Paula Echevarría, Susanna Griso, María Neira and the Spanish women’s basketball team are women of the year

VI Premios Mujerhoy: foto de familia

Selección de baloncesto, Premio Mujerhoy

Mujerhoy has delivered its awards to the most outstanding women of Spain. In this Sixth Edition winners have been the actress Paula Echevarría, the journalist Susanna Griso, Dr. María Neira and the Spanish basketball selection female. The actress and blogger of Mujerhoy.com Mar Saura, dressed for the occasion of Tot-Hom, presented the event held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, they had a photobooths melbourne published on Pinterest that night.

In a night filled with emotions and acknowledgments, and coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the birth of the magazine, Mujerhoy has delivered his most prized Awards, which reward the most outstanding women of our country. Mujerhoy.com users have chosen actress Paula Echevarría, journalist Susanna Griso, to Dr. María Neira, Director of public health and environment of who and to Select Spain’s women’s basketball.

Also during the night became the third male to the Jesuit father Jaime Garralda commitment award, Honorary President of the Foundation father Garralda – distant horizons.

Director general of editors workshop, Laura Mugica, noted that 2014 has been an excellent year for Mujerhoy. “We are leaders among the women’s magazines, and also on the Internet where do not follow more than 1.020.000 users.” Laura Múgica said that “the sixth annual awards Mujerhoy has recognized extraordinary women, effort and professionalism model”.

For his part, Charo Carrera, Director of Mujerhoy, stressed that “all the winners have in common their selfless dedication to a project or an idea and that struggle to fulfill their dreams is the stimulus to our magazine”. Charo race said thatMujerhoy has celebrated its 15 years of existence with a great renewal of content, with a significant increase in the number of pages, with new partners and the results have exceeded far beyond our expectations”.

The President of Vocento, Rodrigo Echenique, wanted to highlight, in his speech, the role of women as an engine for the economic recovery of our country. “The woman occupies the place that deserves in all areas and we are proud to contribute to this with the extra Mujerhoy that we created 15 years ago with the idea that would become the container of the female thought of our country. Have managed you to Mujerhoy is more than fashion and beauty“.
The awards to women today

The Chief delegate of Vocento Luis Enriquez and the Paralympic swimmer, Teresa Perales, Mujerhoy 2012 award, handed the award to journalist Susanna Griso. Antenna 3 mirror public program host dedicated the award “to all the women, to the great fighters, they deserve it more than me”.

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of public health and environment of who received the award for today’s woman from the hands of José Luis López Suñez, Chief delegate of Mercedes Benz in Spain and the singer Luz Casal, Mujerhoy 2009 Award. María Neira said to have devoted much of his life to convince people of the benefits of public health. “I like the women from all over the world and I believe that women can change the world for good.” I appreciate this award because it is a great help to publicize what we do from the who”.

The Spanish women’s basketball team, World Club Championship runner-up at the last World Cup, received his award the woman of today’s hands of Ana Jaureguizar, Director general of Lancome Spain and Amaya Valdemoro, former captain of the Spanish’s basketball section. They collected the award Elisa Aguilar and Isabel Santos, the Spanish basketball Federation, which insisted that the successes of the Spanish women’s basketball are due to the work carried out in recent years.

Actress Paula Echevarría, excited, finally received his award the woman of today’s hands thePresident’s workshop of editors, Fernando de Yarza and some of his colleagues in the series of Antena 3 ‘Velvet’: Manuela Velasco, Juana Acosta, Peter Vives and Diego Martin. The actress thanked excited the award to his family and friends.
Jaime Garralda, male commitment award

On the other hand, the Jesuit father Jaime Garralda awarded III male commitment from thePresident of the community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, the President of Anar, Silvia Morenés Foundation. Jaime Garralda took advantage of his speech to ask the media to give voice to marginalized people, who has dedicated his life through the founding father distant horizons Garralda. The Jesuit father said that “wanting to suffering, you live happy” and what hurts most is the scorn of society towards the marginalized”.

The event held at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, and sponsored by Mercedes Benz and Lancome, was attended by personalities from the artistic and cultural field as well as entrepreneurs and executives in the sector. In addition all attendees enjoyed an exhibition of Prom dresses from the most prestigious designers of our country as Rosa Clará, Adolfo Domínguez, Juanjo Oliva, Cortana, Armand Basi, Alvarno… 15 dresses to commemorate 15 years of the magazine Mujerhoy.