Set against a hilly landscape of about 66 square kilometres we find Lanciano, the Feantani’s town, once renamed Anxanum by the Romans.

An important trading centre for the surrounding countryside since antiquity-the fairs held in lanciano are still among the most important in Abruzzo-the town has been a major destination for pilgrims since the Middle ages.

Lanciano was founded by Solima who also founded Sulmona. Solima decided to give the town a name that would honor the memoy of his friend Anxa, and so he founded Anxanon.

Around the year 800 B.C. the frentani’s population settled down along the Abruzzo and Molise litoral. The population was made up mainly of tribes and families whose economy was based on farming and the lively trade routes in the area fed by the numerous harbours. Their language was one of the Osco’s dialect, spoken by the ancient Sanniti.

The Romans conquered Anxianum in the 435 A.D. and many people believe Lanciano is one of the earilest roman colonies.

During the 12th century, Lanciano became a fortified castle, as evidenced by the ancient wall that still exists call the “torri montanare”.

A very important moment in Lanciano’s history came on the 5th and 6th of October 1943 when the city joined the resistance movement against nazi occupation. Many lancianesi struggeled for their freedom and died for the cause. Soon the whole city joined the resistance and fought aganist the nazis, an act that would later be awknowledged when the town itself recieved the militaries highest honor, the gold medal for military valour.

“Sports events are very important to rediscover values like Sociality, Solidarity and working together for a goal,“  said Lanciano’s Mayor Paolini “we care about all the activities that allows Lanciano to rise its comunity. We are ready to invest in improving our arenas and above all we are proud to host Eurobasket Women 2007.”

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