Ortona: A city of history, tourism and gastronomy

Ortona is a city of 23.635 inhabitants in Chieti province. It is located on a hill on the shores of the Adriatic about 22km from Pescara.

The history of Ortona is rooted in that of the Italic people, probably Frentani, who lived in the area between Ortona, Lanciano and Vasto.

After Norman occupation in 1075, Ortona became part of the Napoli Kingdom and than the Italia Kingdom.

Ortona is one of the most important tourist resorts on the Chieti coastline. Within the city limits there are about 15 hotels and six campgrounds. There is also a tourist harbour and a train station.

The most important beaches are the Lido Riccio and the Lido Saraceni. At certain points the coastline becomes wild and there are some beautiful spots such as Ripari di Giobbe, the Ferruccio and the Riccetta.

On the coastline (Ortona a mare) there are the trabocchi, not too far from the cities harbour. The trabocchi are a sort of fishing machine which uses a complicated system of nets to troll for a large number of fish without leaving the shore.  The trabocco has become a sort of symbol of the area’s culture.

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