At its southernmost tip, Abruzzo’s 130km coastline rises from the spectacular cliffs of Punta Aderci, before bending southwards at the Punta della Penna and then sloping towards the mouth of the Trigno river and the beautiful beaches that mark the regional border with Molise.

Halfway between Punta Aderci and the large river estuary, on a hill that rises to 150 metres, stands the old town of Vasto, probably the most interesting city on the Chieti coast. Greek and Roman historians believed that the town of Vasto has its roots in a migration from the other side of the adriatic.  Later the city belonged to the Frentani and became quite important in the days of Rome.

Fortified by Theodoric, the town was contested by the Longobards and Franks, subjected to numerous other sieges and repeatedly sacked following invasions from the sea.

Today it owes its importance to the beaches of Marina di Vasto, as well as to its monuments and rich inland agriculture.

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