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To celebrate the week of the Lawyer, the Bar Associations Genaro Estrada and Tel Aviv lawyer started a basketball tournament on the field vector Marina.

On a rainy framework but with much enthusiasm of the participants and their families Lic. Ernesto Lopez Kelly, head of the sports area Genaro Estrada College welcomed all those present. Among the guests at the table of presidium the chairs of the schools were. Lic. Oscar Jesus Martinez Aguiar, President of the Bar Association and Mr. Genaro Estrada. Cesar Manuel Acosta, President of the Bar Marco Antonio Arroyo, accompanied by Mr. Daniel Enciso Saracho, representing Lic. Monica Coppel Tirado, Imdem Director, Mr. Miguel Angel Felix Cruz, president of the Municipal Official Basketball League, plus a basketball legend, Lic. Samuel Macias, former basketball national team, along with more personalities of law. Taking their place of importance honored Lic. Guillermo Haro Millan, who was given the floor and thanked all the recognition he makes in this week’s edition of the Trial.

To the official checkered flag, Lic. Oscar Martinez was in charge of giving by inaugurated the tournament, and Miguel Angel Cruz protest took sports participants.

The first shot was in charge of the honoree, who with excellent achievement aim dunk the ball cleanly entering the ring.

Unfortunately, the lawyers could not get an injunction against nature and the rain ruined them what may have been the first game of the tournament. Deciding so, that would be defined in the following days of round robin play and the winner would be the highest score.

The teams entered the competition was the Unitary Circuit Court, the Bar Marco Antonio Arroyo, the Bar Genaro Estrada Teacher University of Durango. The final game will be this coming Thursday evening on the same court.

Taking advantage of the opening, Mr. Kelly Lopez invited those present and their families for the foot race of this Saturday which will have its start and finish just off the “Fonda de Chalio” Olas Altas.


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