The 10 best basketball books

We have already talked about music , movies, and as it is evident, it was missing the best selection of free ebooks of thematic baloncestistica. Which then are the result of a survey among journalists and fans, from which came out these titles as the most outstanding readings of recent times.


-The dream of my sleepless (2013): edited by Corner and prefaced by Marc Gasol, journalist Antoni Daimiel tells us in its pages the experiences and anecdotes – that are not few – that revolve around the best League in the world through the eyes of the most renowned Spanish journalist on the other side of the pond after their 17 years covering the NBA.

- These wonderful years (2014): an trial of author edited by The sphere of books and prefaced by the fine prose ofManuel Jabois. In it, the journalist Luis Fernando López portrays, from its presence in every success of ours as a Special Envoy of the world, the greatest generation of our basketball history, but does so in a different way, giving priority to the emotional and focusing on paragraph human of all and each one of the ‘characters’ that made us vibrate with each basket , with each bounce, with each win.

- When it went the best (2011): an analysis in depth of Álvaro Paricio on our selection successes, ranging from theEurobasket 2001 until the 2010 Turkey world. Unlike the previous, rationality based on the statistical constitutes the pillar of a story spiced with declarations of the players themselves. Emotionally prologued by Jorge Garbajosa and edited by JC Clementine, has become another essential to understand and remember the triumphs that both made us enjoy and daydream with the NBA.

- Pau Gasol by Pau Gasol, the party of my life (2010): published by EDEBÉ and mark, Jesus Sanchez and Fernando Miguel Carreño hand discovered the history of the best Spanish all-time player counted with all kinds of detail and full of anecdotes and personal experiences of the pivot of Sant Boi. Another must-see for the collection of the best years of basketball in our country.

- Michael Jordan, the King of the game (2010): of the best Spanish player in history to the best of all time. The myth, the legend of the man who dominated basketball from an incredible spirit of overcoming able to knock down any obstacle.From its two withdrawals until his gambling addiction, going through the emotional problems and trouble of skirts, all kinds of sequences that marked and surrounded the ‘flight’ of Jordan told by Max Joseph Tobias in a work published by JC Clementine.

- 101 stories NBA (2013): edited by JC Clementine, also from a trip with Jordan to another by the depths of the best League in the world to discover what really lurks behind the American show. A succession of stories of triumphs, defeats, epic, failures and anecdotes told by one of the finest ‘Feather’ baloncestisticas of our country, the de Gonzalo Vázquez.

- Baskets sacred (2007): mythical, cult object. The most successful history, Phil Jackson coach, writes with Hugh Delehanty the spiritual lessons and coaching philosophy used in the direction of the most Golden of the Chicago Bulls era with Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc and Rodman. Edited by Paidotribo.

- Eleven rings (2014): other ‘ Zen master ‘. Prologue by Antoni Daimiel and edited by Roca Editorial de Libros, narrates his method of inspiration and leadership on the basis of profit of the Group through the management of egosthat such good results has given Jackson throughout his successful career in the NBA.

- Can I stay shirt? (2012): edited by Readme editors and prologue by Joan Plaza, history is written by the former player Paul Shirley, Player half of basketball half writer/journalist. After his ‘forced’ adventure in the NBA he spent time by our basketball (Joventut and Minorca), telling us firsthand the misery and the squalor behind the success of a fewin the elite of the basketball.

- Travel-ready (2007): one of the essentials. Under the edition of zone 1-3-1, coach Pep Clarós tells every little detail thewealth of anecdotes and experiences that leaves in its wake a long career by the bench for half the world.

Enjoy one of the greatest pleasures, reading.

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