Weight and diet routine for basketball

Rutina y dieta para baloncesto

As we have mentioned on different occasions, all sports should be supplemented training with strength in the gym work. Basketball is no exception.

Basketball players need to first acquire the technical skills and the necessary skills to perform the necessary movements in basketball.

However, once acquired this technique, is need develop the strength and the power to enforce the performance on the pitch, as well as resistance in order to have a good performance throughout the game.

Basketball player It must then have a job at the gym so much focused to increase the strength and power of their lower limbs allowing it to jump higher and move effectively on the pitch as in the arms to be able to launch more powerful and effective. In this routine body; will work in a comprehensive way Working 4 days a week: twice the top and twice the bottom.

 “It will work combining hypertrophy and muscle endurance. Remember that in addition to your workout and in-home personal training, it is very important to take a proper diet and supplementation program” – said Doug Murphy, the owner of In Home Personal Trainer DC.

Exercises train top

-Horizontal chest Press.
-Seated row.
-Triceps one-handed.
-Standing barbell biceps Curl.
-Press the front shoulder.
-Abdomen: Horizontal Crounches.

Exercises undercarriage

-Leg extension.
-Leg Curl.
-Calf sitting.
-Abdomen: leg lifts.

Meal plan

Food is an essential part of the good performance of an athlete. In the case of the basketball players, we have to make sure that your nutrition and supplementation program will help them meet energy requirements that the sport requires, but also help them to have the explosiveness required when required a leap or a career; In addition to resistance to maintain in good condition throughout the game.

In the diet you are presenting here is recommended make 5 meals a day, which will help us to maintain constant energy levels during the day. The menu here is designed for a player aged between 75 and 80 kg of weight to train approximately 2.5 hours daily.


1 glass of milk.
2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice of Turkey ham.
3 slices of bread.
1 cup of chopped fruit.

Snack one

1. high protein Smoothie in carbohydrates in 250ml of milk.
1 fruit.


1.5 cups of cooked pasta or rice.
150 grams of breast of chicken, fish or roast beef with green salad.
1 medium baked potato or mashed.
1 1 slice of bread or tortilla.
1 medium fruit.
Optional: 1 cup beans and a cup of metadrol brasil.

Snack two

1. Turkey ham and panela Cheese Sandwich.
1 yogurt drink.


1 protein Smoothie low in carbohydrates in 250ml milk Light.
2 quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese.

Recommended supplements

-Multivitamin complex: Take 1 tablet in the morning and another at night.
-Rehydration drink and energizing: during the training.
-Mixture of creatine, glutamine, taurine and carbohydrates: it will help you to train with greater strength and power and also helps you prevent catabolism during exercise, taurine is also an excellent antioxidant.

Remember that it is very important to not skip meals, combining your training with good nutrition and supplementation, your performance on the Court will improve and your energy will increase.

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